✔ DiResta 20 Remaining Creative | Poris Radio - VIDEO

✔ DiResta 20 Remaining Creative

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Le PicBois says:

!redrum I need 1 ice pick! :D

Monica Overton says:

Cool update on Things Jimmy. Thanks for sharing. #LOVEit

rocha%mil gral says:

eai diresta sou muito seu fa queria muito que voce fize se uma buterfly knife sera que voce poderia fazer ??

dicq hurtz says:

say hi to Spike…nice to see him  :)

Electro says:

I have a wife and infant daughter requiring tons of attention and work six to seven days a week, how would someone like me find time to do cool projects other than a honey do list?

Live Free and DIY says:

Love that white rooster ? ??

Harry Kuheim says:

Spike wants to stay in the old shop….

Brandon Wehman says:

Can you PLEASSSSEEEE document the shop build? I'm about to embark on the same thing in a year or so and would love to see how the great Diresta does it.

Chris Chavers says:

Yes. Alway stay creative. That is awesome and I think you help others stay creative brother??????

Matt Conlon says:

Keep it up Jimmy. Much love.

alan diaz says:

diresta estuvo muy bueno tu proyecto tu creatividad excelente

WoodenCreationz says:

Great video Jimmy!!! ??

David Plass says:

Thank you for this vlog. Loving the "animal interludes"!

Straycat Annie says:

So glad to see Spike is doing well! All warm by the fire….

TheGarageEngineer says:

@jimmydiresta Glad to hear your plans moving north is getting closer. So excited for you. Can't wait to watch what temp place you find in the meantime.

emptywalletchevyowner says:

you got flogged, great idea give someone tools they can use and learn to do stuff, always positive and encouraging to others

YouCanDoIt! says:

Quick question. what kind of work did you do before you became self employed? or have you always been self employed?

Gdogbert says:

@jimmydiresta Is your shop space now for rent? Details?

Charles Holland says:

it's going to be a little sad to see you gone from your shop. but also great too

John Lowe, Photographist says:

Thank you for the give away suggestion. I appreciate it and now I am going to go give some tools away.

Mark Fryer says:

One thing I have learnt from several moves is to label the boxes or for more security number the boxes and keep a log book, listing what goes into each box.

Ryan Clayton says:

Excited to see the new shop build!

Eric Fenton says:

Need storage space near Cobleskill Ny?

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