10.5-inch iPad Pro and iOS 11 first look | Poris Radio - VIDEO

10.5-inch iPad Pro and iOS 11 first look

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Apple unveiled the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro at today’s WWDC event. Though iOS 11 isn’t coming out until this fall, Apple had the preview loaded up on its new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/G5RXGs


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Jensi Oquendo says:

Why not just have OSX on iPad Pro?

Thechainlard says:

Might consider the one next year when it has no bezels like hopefully the new iPhone 8

Jason Universe says:

The amount if commenters on this video who are complete and total idiots just astounds me.

Sherman Herritt says:

It's amazing at how someone can take features that were innovative in windows 95 ….and make it sound like its brand new tech for a recent Apple product.

"You can drag and drop pictures, and text, and we have this thing called Files …that's where your files go….."

Felix says:

That was an excellent demo. Thanks

The Chosen One says:

Where is the iPad mini Pro????

Pen & Leo says:

Dose the ipad pro 12.5 have ios 11?

1AmericanInAsia says:

Thumbs up if you like the Samsung 8+ phone!

1AmericanInAsia says:

I dropped coffee on my Mac laptop and ruined it. Done! I have to use an external keyboard now. Damn!

Luca laurin says:

someone really has to tell the editors at the verge to stop putting music under those videos
it's just annoying and not adding anything

Neft101 says:

Follow on Instagram @neft8235 goal 5 million

Thom Barratt says:

Is this really worth the money it is?

Josh H says:

seriously apple? at lest make it a worthy upgrade. I can practically do everything you're doing on my 9.7.

Barish Tv says:

Apple has best design devices i aggree but Windows tablets have those system featues for a 6 years . ios 11 has file system hurrayy . Don't be child we are in 2017.

OnTaRgEt16 says:

Expandable memory is the standard today. Come on Apple, if there was ever a reason to add expandable storage, it's on a device that's is advertised as a desktop replacement. At the very least, the memory card reader adapter should ship with the iPad.

AKMHD says:

Most of the new features are taken from jailbreak tweaks

SoCalFreelance says:

The iTampon is far more convenient

Seprecia says:

Why the hell does it have a thunderbolt?!? You have a macbook pro with only USB c I thought Apple was moving away from this?? What the hell?

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