10 Awesome Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon UNDER $30 | Poris Radio - VIDEO

10 Awesome Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon UNDER $30

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Find New & Interesting Gadgets On AMAZON (Up to 45% Off ) :

1. Tilemate

2. TP- Link Smart Plug

3. UP Move by Jawbone

4. Rocketbook

5. Switchmate

6. Snappower

7. Playbulb Candle

8. Led Strip

9. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

10. Misfit Flash Smart Button

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hhhk20 says:

10 more devices that no one needs.

Rome's King says:

Why did he rub their teddy bears head like it was sentient

shaw whitmore says:

?? the fake amazon links its so obveous??

Spiralofhope says:

Tile Mate, the toy that tracks your every step.

Josh M says:

What sort of morbid humans are making tea in a microwave?

Peter C says:

I'll put tile mate on a algebras X cuz she keeps on asking for him
Now he will tell her Y he's gone

Kbzn says:

Tile mate, wt about ur dog?

Pixl says:

what if you put tilemate on ur phone and lost ur phone DIDNT THINK ABOUT THAT EHHH

Saad Rahmani says:

Tarakki kar amazon

Jack Vickers says:

If only everyone had tile

clattybrown3 says:

i bought the candle, it works with pencil batteries, last i checked candles are cheaper than batteries

gugudu35 says:

WoW even ads have ads.

Super_ xz says:

What everyone is thinking on the first tech:

What happens if you both lost your phone and your tile.

EOS1 says:

Useless, pointless junk. What's with all these "locators". Are people really that stupid these days that they need a GPS device to remember where they put their garbage? Only idiots like that would spend their money on this junk.

Gbenga Adebayo says:

Put tile mate in ur bf's cheating shoes… Lol

Graham Webster says:

Jawbone still trying, bless them. Apple Watch does everything that thing does and more.

Melinda Warren says:

Darn! SwitchMate doesn't have that great of reviews on Amazon.

Lukong says:

Wasn't Tilemate saying how they didn't work on Android cause they were too slow.

datsweetsansabooty says:

Damn Cam Newton got his bike took

Azr Mun says:

Thanks so much for the video I meant

Azr Mun says:

Thanks so much

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