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10 best new Android apps from January 2017

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Written version – https://goo.gl/Idif2D

The first month of 2017 has come and gone and we’ve got a lot more left! Join us as we round up the best NEW Android apps from January 2017!

Android Apps Weekly – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlfQvXhMa8k

ADW Launcher 2 – https://goo.gl/RTXjgN
FastKey Launcher – https://goo.gl/UBTzT6
MoodCast Diary – https://goo.gl/5zlFjU
Posture – https://goo.gl/jlVFHB
Screens – https://goo.gl/QwFNV8
Squeeze – https://goo.gl/qayrcN
Stringify – https://goo.gl/BvNNyc
SystemMonitor 2 – https://goo.gl/8O3QQH
Toontastic 3D – https://goo.gl/Cjdk9n
Weather Wiz – https://goo.gl/Pslq1P

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Michael F says:

im convinced.. kids on speed

Albert Magdelphi says:

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Saby Walleh says:

what bakwaas

Azriel Zagreb says:

No JIFs this time?

Mohammad Riyaz says:

what is the keyboard app used in this video..??

Franz Escuzar says:

lol he's using an iphone

bdf2718 says:

Those were the 10 best apps from January? I'd hate to see the worst. There was one I might consider trying, one I'd consider trying if I lived in the US and eight I wouldn't put on my phone if you paid me.

Mathew Preece says:

"It has the coolest weather radar we've ever seen" but we're not going to show that to you. Remember vloggers, paint your script or script your pictures.

themazeful says:

i can't overlook the fact with a Hitler mustache you will look exactly like hitler

kitt says:

Excellent vid i like sound of fast key launcher ill try that one thanks.

Divyansh Yadav says:


Zeeshan Tariq says:

i wanna knw how u make video in phone like this for youtube

Alexander White says:

Fix agent online review finish recently reality ability white automatic awful.

kamalsutra says:

Why Android apps are soooo ugly

orangecocobean says:

I couldn't get any of them

Mavel Johny says:

Which is that keyboard which you used at 1:20.

Chris Chung says:

ios is better

ankit tyagi says:

moodcast diary must be the best

Chetan Marimuthu says:

thankyou ❤

Akshay Deshmukh says:

Guys check out this awesome 4k wallpapers app.

bablu kumar singh says:

bro which app are you using for editing your video?

Henry Hunt says:

Hello people .. pipe It is nice risulv still

Uday nowduru says:

stringify on iphone?

Lethalazo says:

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