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10 Future Cars

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We take a look at the possible vehicles from the future.

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‫حامد نايف‬‎ says:


‫حامد نايف‬‎ says:


Zyinyia Nation says:

why the f*** do they make calls like this that nobody in the world would ever be able to afford unless they are rich nobody is going to be able to afford this mess

Borislav Gridnev says:

su reh is so stupid he says it is gas and waste of resources. While he said in the video "On electricity, electricity, electricity, solar, etc" and one gas….. -_-

MrSupercar55 says:

A list of awesome cars with a Peugeot at the top, eh? Never thought I'd see the day. Those things are awful! They look repulsive and, being French, the electrical systems and sometimes even the engines are unreliable.

mitko mitaka says:


Jardine Goagoseb says:

you poeple you like joking nehhh

Andy Wainwright says:

When robot cars, already a technical reality, become fully street legal, will manual driving be effectively banned? Computer controlled cars have the ability not only for greater safety but to move people a lot faster through high traffic areas, where driver impatience leads to slowing. Alternatively there might still be driver controls but computers will lock out any illegal or unsafe maneuvers- as in many modern day trains and aircraft. Insurers may decide that statistically robots are much less prone to mistakes than people, and prohibitively price out driving a real car. Of course, there's the problem of power failure and computer crashes including such as cybercrime, but we tend today in the developed world to be totally reliant on a decent mains, water and telecoms anyway so this would just be another extension to "the grid".

Florence Shanga says:

no it's not

Florence Shanga says:

probably you won't be in the future

Carmen Cruz says:

all future things are electronic,idk,why?

Alan Leonczuk says:

Fucking cool!!!!!

Max Boyd says:

they look shit

Eggpie_614 / Eggiepiee says:

let's rename it
Top 10 gay cars that car guys won't appreciate….

Jackson Collins says:

I agree moto

Ed Howle says:

Jetson's ring a bell lol

Gembong Baskoro says:

in the future these cars would be out of date

Samuel Hawkins says:

10 Future Cars You'll Never Be Able To Afford In The Future!

Claudius Clickbaitirus IV. says:

Can I get the last car in black ? ; )

Florence Shanga says:

the last one looks freaking awesome

coconut_ pie says:

ferrari comes on screen, narrator : rather simple looking design me : really m8 ?

Matthew R says:

…I thought this was Richard Hammond. Or as I call him, the Short Muppet

Cristian Gonzalez says:

I love it

Sultan Fadhil says:

we dont need those futuristic car,we only need a car that used air for their fuel,#makeworldgreenagain

Neyllaco says:

Just one seat per car? Wtf?

Billy Bob Joe says:

I you to add the Mercedes

su reh says:

These are just useless things, mostly just for entertainments, and will not be affordable, if it even exist.

Cuts rose scents says:

a autonomous car
no driver needed
or styling exercises… flying drone cars

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