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10 Reasons NOT To Buy iPhone X!

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Here Are 10 Reasons NOT To Buy The iPhone X! Why The iPhone X Sucks & Why You Should Save Your Money.


Aryan Goud says:

On Mars its 1,000,000 dollars like WTF Apple???

Tim Hachfeld says:

Is there a difference between the 29w charger for quick charging and the stronger ones ???

Raj Gupta says:

Aren't you guys always super duper excited before the launch and disappointed afterwards ?
Nd yet you hate to be called an iSheep? ??
C'mon….Apple isn't your girlfriend….?

wolfžy says:

Next vedio
Don t use any smarthpone

Shiny Kingdra says:

Only need 1 reason, its a $1000.00

Panda Panda da one says:

When is IOS 11 coming?

Team Elite Muzik says:

It's not going to cost 1k lol I haven't paid full price for any phone in years. The one I have now isn't even paid off, I trade and switch every year lol

Travis Howell says:

why is the voice audio echo-y

PenguinPVP says:

I miss the iphone 7s style (home button etc)

TheElasticTuba says:

"Major issue" not really, this is a much more advanced time.

HanifxD says:

Don't like it ? Don't buy it simple

Sarah Baldock says:

One reason to do not buy it is £1,000 for a phone. A. Phone. It's utterly ridiculous. That's all the reason I need NOT to buy it.

Erik Klingberg Oleröd says:


 fucking 1750 dollar

Community11Tausend says:

schönes video feiere dich ich brobiere auch so coole videos zu machen 🙂

Cynical Texas Dad says:

I hate the idea of a smaller screen.
I may for the first time ever get the lesser product the 8 plus.
X is disappointing.
It's not MORE waterproof.
It's a cropped screen.
Battery life is less.
It's dim.
Same camera…almost.
Was expecting a lot more for the money.

The Unboxing says:

I will not buy the Iphone X , 11, 12, 13, 15 and etc ….

Because every year there will be a new one.

haslo gaming says:

Android is always gonna have the better and more powerful machines because most android devices have better specs

Bijan Peters says:

X Reasons not to buy the iPhone 10

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