10 Tips & Trick for Pokemon Sun + Moon FOR YOUR PLAY THROUGH! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

10 Tips & Trick for Pokemon Sun + Moon FOR YOUR PLAY THROUGH!

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Here are 10 tips, trick, game mechanics, and handy piece of info for every trainer starting their Alolan adventure in Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon.

Information about Ultra Beasts and when to find them, legendaries, hoard battles, starters and more!

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Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon are the first set of Generation VII Pokémon games, coming for the Nintendo 3DS worldwide in 2016. Not much is known about these games yet, but they will come worldwide in 2016 and contain the addition of Chinese to the languages

In addition to this, there’s the capability of receiving data from Pokémon Red, Green, Blue & Yellow through Pokémon Bank into this game.

The game is to be set in the Alola Region, where there are numerous New Pokémon. It contains various improved graphical mechanics, as well as the return of trainer customisation.


Vaiva Blue says:

I wonder can you have a totem pokemon ? since I love Tapu Fini owo

lee robinson says:

Festival plaza? Doesn't it kinda remind you of the avenue place in b2/w2

Justin Peters says:

how can anyone not spell "before" correctly. (thumbnail) really

Dylan Jones says:


Refugio Rg says:

Trading worldwide is still a thing in this game right?
Cause im not one of those people who can get every pokemon game. This is going to be my first legit pokemon game. All the other games I've played were on emulators.

CoMoLoKo123 says:

like if like litten

walkingdeadman19 says:

It didn't release worldwide on November 18th. I'm, german and i had to wait until November 24th

Popplio gaming says:

Did he say gen 8???

aidan samson says:

I will choose rowlet in moon and I will choose litten in sun


Poke bank updated in 2016

Mikolaj Kowal says:

I'm a Gen 1-er and I got it on my 3ds. I'm only 11, you'd think I would be into Gen 5-6 but not completely. There still good games but I like Gen 1.

TrueGameSpawn says:

10 things beofre I play? xD

julie brewer says:

5:56 8th gen?

froschkoenig4 says:

And in Germany its here since yesterday

CarJammer778 “MynxTV” says:

Pokemon Sun and Moon = New Gold and Silver

Sampson Kalu says:

Why did you call Sun and Moon 8th Gen. and X and Y 7th Gen.? Sun and Moon is 7th Gen. ORAS (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) are Gen. 3 remakes. Also Magearna is not pronounced Mahgeana.

Joaquin Diaz-Dixon says:

I am choosing popplio

Playrina says:

i'm sorry, but Sun and Moon just came out today for the UK… not really worldwide… just saying

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