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10 Travel Life Hacks You NEED To Know

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Travel life hacks you’ve never heard and need to know – shelby church
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Things everyone does on snapchat they don’t want to admit!
First, everyone uses filters when they aren’t looking their best. Whether you just woke up or are having a bad hair day, snapchat filters will cover it all! Next, we’ve all looked into getting surgery to look like that snapchat dog right…? oh just me? Just kidding, I really hope no one has done that. Third, we’ve all redone a “candid looking” snapchat because we didn’t like the angle, how our hair looked, etc.

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Cayenne Pepper says:

She looks sorta like Megan McCarthy… sorry if I spelt her name wrong.

Panda Banana says:

Wait… What airport is that? It looks like mine


let me tell you about the trip me and my grandma had when i was a kid. she and i were leaving my home state, ohio to visit my dads cousin who lives off the coast of the gulf of mex. we took a bus to columbus, ohio then cinncinati, ohio. we then traveled to tennisie after sleeping on a bus and i thought she was gonna pass out. but i calmed her down by telling her to take some deep breaths. we then got to alibama, then another 6 hours on another bus to the station hoping to see him there but it was 1AM and he was waiting for 4 hours and went home. so i went to a payphone and his girlfriend answerd. he he then picked us up and took us to his house. finnally we got sleep. we then had fun at his place for the next week. he took me out oh a boat. i saw an alegator out there. then after a week, we couldnt go back on a bus again, she he was kind enogh to buy us plane tickets,(only problem is this was a few months after 9.11, i never flew on a plane before and the airpotr is in huston texas, a 3 hour drive)so we got to the airport but our flight was cancelled. i forget why so we had to spend another day at his house. and we finnally got on a plane but it went to chicogo, and then the next flight finally got us to akron canton airport. we cross a 4th of the country. it was half fun. but the other half? A LIVING HELL!!!

Hellcat says:

Excellent advice! As a frequent solo flyer I've got my routine down to perfection, got all my medicine and necessities in bags and when I get on the plane I put in earplugs, Bose noice cancelling above that with soothing music, put on a sleep mask, grab a pillow and a blanket and I'm OUT. Just remember to tell the flight attendant if you want to be woken up for food or not.
Don't forget your own security and to check the hotel room before closing it, never ever make a scene at the front-desk if there's something you want, make them know that what's wrong is an inconvenience and that you're relying on them to help you find a solution without being too pushy. I've had people already in a room when I opened the door in the middle of the night and got an ocean view suite upgrade for being understanding.



Raygan Bingham says:

TSA is so freaking awesome

Paige Hoffman says:

This is edited so smoothly and I just love everything about it. Keep up the good work :)!

pirategirlkc says:

Just an FYI, Saturdays are NOT busy travel days unless it's the day before a holiday.

yjkjhglkjhg says:

the one with 20

katie u says:

Lots of great tips! Be forewarned though- Seatguru isn't always up to date. I relied on them for help in picking out flights and their maps were completely inaccurate for the flight I took from Europe to the states.

majsgo says:

i feel like these only work for america

Jerome St.Pierre says:

you should pick 32…jk you should pick 20

fishy kittens says:

You are Alisha marie's long lost twin

hannah shelton says:

From the experience of someone that works at a hotel, never use third party sites to book! Calling the hotel directly will almost always get you a better rate. Especially if it is late at night, or a slow night, they will just be trying to fill up, rather than getting the full rate. Also, always ask for AAA discounts, or if you are traveling with a senior citizen, or government or military personel, ask for the discount!! Stay with the same brand of hotel, join their rewards system, and you'll typically get free upgrades and extra amenities! Always check the fitness room to see if they have free bottles of water before paying for it!

Miki Mani says:

traveling to europe and dubai next month the day after my bday!1!!!1!

MissMalDIY says:

who else noticed the underwear at 5:10 lol 😂

Cazzy B says:



Dulcissime Talib says:

This is amazing! Thanks! 🙂

Traista App says:


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