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10 TV Shows That Predicted The Future

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top 10 episodes from popular television shows that predicted things that happened years in the future
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Have you ever experienced an event and sworn you’ve seen it somewhere before. A sense of déjà vu that you’ve heard that story before. And then it hits you; that happened on a TV show! Over the years, some TV shows have had a remarkable ability to make it appear as though they are clairvoyant. Astonishing similarities of events witnessed years later pop up periodically.
Ever get that sense of déjà vu that you’ve seen something before? Whether it’s an event that’s eerily similar or technology that appears decades later, TV shows have surprised us again and again over the years. Here are just some of those events depicted on TV years before they happened in real life.

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Kristopher Brewer says:

The Simpsons didn't predict watch phones, it was a wrist radio which was created back in 1931 for the comic strip Dick Tracy.

Tamia Jackson says:

QUESTION??? If 9/11 was really a terrorist attack then why was it not shown in other countries or made by other countries movie/cartoon producers??? Get real people..wake up..everything you see are warnings of what is to come.. Who have eyes to see let them see..You all are seeing signs everyday yet not realizing it..so sad will be the state of man when the Lord comes

The realest says:

Wake the fuck up

Dushyant Othwal says:

I think the 9/11 was actually inspired by the Lone Gunmen TV show.

Mike Walker says:

In call of duty MW2 Russia goes to war with America

Andrew Liberato says:


Andrew Liberato says:

propaganda pushing bullshit is what this is. Alison Parker was shot 3 times "on live TV" yet this maybe 110 pound girl manages to turn and run away after being hit by 3 bullets.

Best Video says:


Frank James says:

search – "IS Google hiding famous Trump supporters "

Douglas McNeil says:

Dick Tracy predicted watch phones in the 1930's. 60 years before the Simpsons.

정건 says:

what about family guy donald trump going up the stairs?

Hope Wolf says:

Remember when Doctor Who predicted the bombing of Russia 5 years before it happened?

Manyou69 Manhay says:

The Richest always says that the Simpsons predict time and I agree,but it's very strange…..

Chris Santana says:

Sorry but the wrist phone was first used or shown by famous Mexican movies of wrestler El Santo

Jeremy Beyer says:

First off, Star Trek predicted nothing. Most of the "inventors" very directly said they created the tech because they saw it on Trek and wanted to know if it was possible.
Secondly, the Simpsons did not start the idea of the watch phone. That was around for decades before the show, most notably on Knight Rider.

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