12 Clothing Hacks Everyone NEEDS To Try! + Testing DIY Fashion Hacks 2017! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

12 Clothing Hacks Everyone NEEDS To Try! + Testing DIY Fashion Hacks 2017!

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12 Clothing Hacks Everyone NEEDS To Try! + Testing DIY Fashion Hacks 2017! Hey guys! So today I have a bunch of really awesome and easy fashion hacks to make sure you and your clothing are sorted. I have a DIY bra hack for backless clothing, hacks to make hats smaller, ways to remove stains and solve all your fashion problems! I also know you guys loved my videos testing BuzzFeed hacks SOOO I tested some popular clothing hacks too! I hope you find these DIY life hacks helpful for all your clothing struggles! Love you guys xoxoxo

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This video is a 12 Clothing Hacks Everyone NEEDS To Try! + Testing DIY Fashion Hacks 2017! but over the next few videos you can expect to see Ways To Have the BEST 2017, Life Hacks for 2017, How To Be Fit and Healthy in The New Year, New Years Resolutions for 2017, Giveaway videos, Clothing Haul + Fashion Lookbook videos, A DIY Room Makeover for 2017 with Organizational DIYs and DIY Hacks, A Morning Routine, Night Routine and Day In The Life video + more!


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