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12 Hours Of Classic Christmas Music

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12 Hours Of Classic Christmas Music


Loretta Smith says:


Skyrim Legend says:

Can't wait till Christmas next year

Jake the shiny hunter says:

My Christmas this year was just terrible and it was because my girlfriend broke up with me which really sucks… I just wish I could've been a better person to her at that day and I wish I could've kissed her in the mistletoe but its too late now… life sucks rn and I dont think Ill be happy for a while. But Im glad that some people enjoyed their Christmas and hopefully they have a better new year than me….

Ameen Escheik says:

Christmas is GAYYYYYYYY

colleen Wright says:

Thank You! This is the music of my childhood…beautiful!!

André Cloutier says:

Very good music bring a lot of souvenirs

Ghozerono says:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everybody!

trashcan't says:

Just listened to this all day. I'm proud

Kidden Ghh says:

Merry Christmas

Mike.India.Echo says:

Age 20, and this my first Christmas alone. If you have a good family enjoy their company please. merry Christmas.

Haley Bolen says:

a classic

Peggy Bagley says:

Josh Groban. has a great voice also…..

Maggie panda says:

merry Christmas to all -2016

America Bass says:

Merry Christmas to all and all a good night.

the Guardian of fire says:

i love christmas:)

Marsha Snavely says:

Christmas morning with Bing! Ahhhhhh

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