12 Sports Teams Named After Birds… CAN YOU NAME THEM? | Poris Radio - VIDEO

12 Sports Teams Named After Birds… CAN YOU NAME THEM?

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12 pro sports teams named after birds… do you know who they are?

How many team names did you get right?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

TotalProSports’ own Mike Cantalupo takes to the streets of NYC to test the knowledge of sports fans.

Can you name the 12 major sports teams named after birds? Try to think of as many bird names as you can from the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB for this man on the street sports trivia challenge. Answers down below, watch the video first though…don’t cheat. We know when you’re cheating.

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Host: Mike Cantalupo
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Mike Cantalupo says:

Did you get all 12 right? It's actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.
Challenge your friends to see if they can get them all in 2:30 or less.

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Henry Rutsch says:

I got a lot of them but do a video on teams that have NEVER won a championship

Dylan D says:

Before this starts the ones I know are eagles ravens blue jays

sports universe says:

you should fire this guy he swears to much one time he swore in front of my mom and she took my phone for a month

Logan Camron says:

Do teams with cats.

Hale Fleischer says:

Ravens orioles hawks falcons Seahawks Arizona cardinals st cardinals blue jays ducks eagles penguins blackhawks

DiamondNinja says:

ravens falcons hawks sea hawks

Preston Crowder says:

Got all but Falcons

Alex G says:

I got the ravens, the eagles, the blue jays, the penguins and the ducks. Im from europe though so you cant really blame me for barelly knowing any apart from the nhl lol

As the video went on i realised i knew a lot more teams that i remembered as i watched it

Baltimore Burns says:

Like= Crush Kisses You
Subscribe= Become Millionare

gaming TV says:


KillerBoyAbdoul says:

At 2:14 it was so cute

HunterZod says:

I got 3 off the bat
Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Falcons
Seattle Seahawks

House of Highlights says:

11, I didn't get ducks

LyricDiner says:

I got…. Seahawks, Cardinals (NFL), Pelicans, Orioles

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