2017 iPad 9.7-inch Review! Worth $329? | Poris Radio - VIDEO

2017 iPad 9.7-inch Review! Worth $329?

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Is The New iPad 9.7-inch Worth $329? Full Review of the 2017 Budget iPad 9.7-inch. vs iPad Pro 9.7


Gamerz AMD says:

3:12 check out my cock

dr cardio medicine says:

Apple propaganda !Go buy windows 2 in 1 laptop

Garrett Nelson says:

Just got my iPad 9.7 at Staples for $279 which seemed like a good price!

COD BOB says:

I bought this for college and before I had the the iPad 3, this is amazing compared to the older 3!

Infinite Youtuber07 says:

Great video! Would love to see a comparison on the 2017 iPad vs the iPad Air 2, especially the benchmarks ?

kunal godhwani says:

it's not $329 in india, Its approx $445 in INDIA.

Yoan Del Rey says:

It is worth buying this IPad 5th Gen if I already own the iPad Mini 1st Gen?

tony lin says:

Thanks for the comparison! Great help for me deciding~

Vishy Sourav says:

check out my cocks !!! nice one. 😀

Chris Everitt says:

The difference seems to be that the iPad Pro can make use of the pencil

Bryan Lizardi says:

What kind of case do you recommend?

Gamith Adithya says:

Does it have split screen feature ? Does it support Apple Pencil ?

illijah009 says:

check out my cock??? 3:14 Perve Alert.

Durga poudel says:

There should be 7 inch iPad Pro like iPad mini

Anthony Barbuto's vids says:

Should i buy it

cyberborberb says:

Dude keeps saying $150 more for the ipad Pro, but it's actually $320 more!

Daniel Weston says:

I got mine on B&H for $299.00. It's fantastic.

Brahadeesh Suresh says:

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Noah S says:

I remember when the iPad 2 was considered thin. Now, something like this is "pretty beefy".

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