2017 iPad 9.7-inch Review! Worth $329? | Poris Radio - VIDEO

2017 iPad 9.7-inch Review! Worth $329?

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Is The New iPad 9.7-inch Worth $329? Full Review of the 2017 Budget iPad 9.7-inch. vs iPad Pro 9.7


Yannick Gaming says:

Check out my cocks…😂😂😂

Fyre says:

So the ipad pro vs the ipad pro, literally no difference?
Which one is the normal ipad pro and which on is the new ipad pro?
Oh i get it the ipad pro is better than the ipad pro budget sorry about that

LeBitch James says:

The iPad is a dying breed. If you have an iPhone, you pretty much have an iPad.

Missy Kay says:

its not cock, its a chicken

Data Radar says:

Are we just going to ignore those chickens?

Fritz Wunderlich says:

It costs 438$ in Germany and it costs more in some other European countries, so it is not worthy.

Fritz Wunderlich says:

The 32GB Wi-Fi only version costs 399€ in Europe, it is not a budget device outside of USA.

Akshaya says:

Is iPad Air 2 worth buying now?

Mr Tafoya says:

When ur sitting here with the regular iPad Air…

Luke Li says:

We want upgrade, not downgrade

Josh Wells says:

I want to upgrade to this from my iPad mini 1st gen

Kristin Winfrey says:

Just bought this but my audio sounds muffled is that normal?

Godfrey Tunac says:

I just got the ipad 2017…. so far i dont have issues with it.. and my finger print scanner is fast and responsive

Leon Khan says:

thank you now i am gonna tell my dad to buy this iPad

Chan Justin says:

Another small detail, this is the first iPad to remove the FCC labels on the back.

Hawk says:

Apple sucks ass.

colleen fleming says:

3:27 watch out a sniper is aiming at your fence

Ilham Suhendi says:

apple tablet without laminated display wtf???

Shocker 2.0 says:

Can anyone tell me if I should buy the iPad or iPad Pro?

Pio. 49 says:

Check out my cocks 😂😂😂

soni manutd says:

charging takes a long time, even from 70% to full takes almost 2 hrs, and from 10% can take 4 hrs or more

vlogices 13 says:

Do you know if the ipad has a keyboard attachment?

The Grand Tour says:

Typing this on my 2017 ipad

Jonathan Reyes says:

You mess with the cock-a-doodle-doo you get the Glock a doodle do

Lovely Lasean says:

Great review

Prince Zelda2000 says:

can you get instagram or snap chat for the new ipad?

Coco Colors says:

Can the iPad 9.7 support Apple Pencil?

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