2018 iPad Pro X Will Be Huge! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

2018 iPad Pro X Will Be Huge!

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2018 iPad Pro X Is Almost Here, Inspired By The iPhone X. Bezel-less Display, No Home Button, Face ID, A11X Bionic & Everything We Know.

iPhone SE 2 Leaks: https://youtu.be/oAUETxVLojA


D4 Stopmotions says:

Is it gonna be 1000 dollars too?

BigChap J says:

I'm in the market for a new iPad… I've had this iPad mini since 2013 and I think it's about time for an upgrade. I'm not an apple fanboy anymore thank god, but I still think they lead the game when it comes to tablets… I'll probably buy the iPad 2017, but I would like to wait for the new iPads to come out. I detest the idea of Face ID though… I think fingerprint activation is far better.

Fat Pug says:

Dang it I just got the iPad Pro 10.5 in.

Mozi iOS says:

Well shit, It will cost like 1B$+ nooooooo.

dennis kvarnstrom says:

i think that appell are moving to fast forward with this no home button

Christoffer Ydsteboe says:

Price=a lot

Iskander Massimov says:

Using iPhone4s, and it still rocks!

Grace Deng says:

Dammit it I just got a 10.5 iPad Pro now there’s a new one coming out? dammiiittttt

malaking burat says:

Funny how apple makes new ipad/macbook every year… they are not a smart phone lol

malaking burat says:

Thats just like an oversized iphone x… they should make it single camera its a tablet not something to take pics all the time and glass back is nope i like the metal back

Brock Brummeyer says:

When Will this iPad be coming out

Mojo Reanimated says:

So this is where liberals like to hang out?

Alexander C. Cariaso says:

I hate Face ID… Only downside for me, other than that I love these rendering, it looks truly amazing!

Spearfast says:

Im considering a 10.5, but Im worried Ill lose half my money in a few months based on what you are saying?

I think for sure the 9.7 will be re released and be $80~cheaper. That will keep tablets alive along with some of the value for money androids like Lenovo and the possibility of desktop chromium. Im hoping the 10.5 and 12.9 pro will move to OSX Its a bit pricey for a tablet and really the price deserves proper applications not apps, ie full function Light Room desktop.

Julius The Hellcat says:

I like how I watched this video on an iPad Pro

Christoffer Ydsteboe says:

Who like the notch?

كرة القدم محمد says:



I’m Thinking this is Clickbait.

شوش الدوسري says:

ابي نفسه متا ينزل

Yannieris Roque says:

Is it coming soon?

Talking Pants says:

The ipaid x-tra

Monferaigne says:

I agree with you except for one. iPad has no multitasking screen or should i say split screen. XD

tboyfres says:


Halima Begum says:

Next ipod x

Batman The dark knight says:

I hope it would have a nano cell 4K or 5K 144hz screen, 512 gb hard drive, 10” and 12” version, special edition colors like blue, red and green, usb C version 2 ( if or when it comes out) where you can connect a mouse and keyboard, Bluetooth 4.2 or 4.3 where you can connect a game pad made by apple it self. But it’s all a dream nothing of that would never happen 😂🤣🤪 because it’s apple so the technology would be 2-3 years old that is used in the ‘new’ iPad X when it’s coming out 🧐😔

Russell Schundler says:

Tell me more about your desk chair … looks comfortable.

Spearfast says:

If it doesnt have an intel 8th gen CPU its just going to be another tablet in a dying market. The iSheep generation has grown up and realised the Apple Vs PC propaganda videos were simply that. People want x86 power in ultra portables, ie proper notebook CPUs not phone CPUs and Operating Systems. If it doesnt have an intel and OSX, its just another apple, all hype. Aesthetics over industrial designed functionality is 2010 style not 2018.

Eric Fortune Jr. says:

iPads basically last FOREVER, I’ve had my mini for almost 4 years now and use it more than my laptop. I’ve gone through 3 Galaxy phones and not even 1 iPad yet. They last a long time and tablets really haven’t changed all that much to justify dropping a grand on a replacement. The consumers representing the sales spike in 2014 likely still have theirs today, it’s been more evolutionary than revolutionary imo.

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