[2018] My Rubik’s Cube Collection | 150+ Cubes | Poris Radio - VIDEO

[2018] My Rubik’s Cube Collection | 150+ Cubes

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I show you my giant collection of Rubik’s cube-type puzzles as of the beginning of 2018.

Relevant links and information are below.
WHERE TO BUY/VIDEOS ABOUT EVERY CUBE: http://bit.ly/col18links

Watch me solve all of these cubes here: Coming Soon!

Setup time lapse: https://youtu.be/j-9s3AXqbf4
Intro Music: “Dusk” by Tobu and Syndec [NCS Release]

Outro Music: “Forever” by Ahxello [AirwaveMusic Release]


Diego Treviño says:

2018 cube collection
Uploaded in 2017

Shepherd Swan says:

Chickens are the best thing ever!

ExPuzzled says:

i liek chickens… so… pin me… I guess. Idk

Clash With MidNight says:


Blake Likens says:

i have a lot of chickens.

Christian Bisgaard says:

Can't even solve a 3×3 lol

Paula Lemons says:

chickens are cool

TheRatSubmarine says:

Hmm…..I watched the video and I loved it! So what do I comment, oh right BOCK BOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tas says:

hey guys im not a cuber just started it for fun i wanted to ask you if a "yx 4×4 world record ace edge magic puzzle speed" is good for cubing for fun

Julian Rogers says:

I like how the Rubik’s cuds were not solved and then solves them all

Cubing with Braden & Connor says:

Chickens are cute

Bertie McGhie says:

This guy has a lot of rubix cube's

Gael Vlogs says:

i lve the asd

warlord2124 says:

baCOCK o wait it's a chicken

Rally Colbert says:

KFC or Raisin Canes Chicken

finedig says:

Why did the man slap the chicken crossing the road?

It wasn't bacon

TheKingOfFhantoms says:

Chickens are good for peoples heath

Lengyel Andras says:

Nice collection! Grat!

Meme Apliar says:

The start must’ve sucked for him

Eliasib Herrera says:

What’s your IQ my dude

Bin Yuahagi says:

Chickens taste good

Parker Tate says:

Chickens are not very smart

Payton Patrick says:

Hey im also from Colorado i was wondering where in colorado you are from

Andrew93793 says:

But I have a flat sided 7×7 but you said they have to be pillowed.

Braxton Winters says:

How did you solve all of those won’t that take long tooooooo long

[GD] Quit500 says:

Look At All Em Chickens!!hint hint..

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