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25 Rookie Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE

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My TOP 25 Rookie / Beginner Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE on your travels! Learn from my mistakes, these are all things I’ve done and learnt from.

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maria capo says:

Gosh I wish you could go with me on my mini europe trip this next year for you have lots of great tips. I am going to try and go alone. Thanks for all the great tips.

marialuisa serpico says:

Hi everybody! I study tourism in Paris, I'm Italian!
I’m writing my final thesis, which is about the touristic development of Naples, and I need your help!
can you help me in doing this questioner please???

Marcel Green says:

great advice!! this young lady is on point with these travel tips!!

keepinitreal says:

Good tips! I totally agree with all of them! Uber solves a lot of the transportation issues nowadays though!

David Rodriguez says:

Tip on grocery shopping when traveling: check the business days of the country that you are visiting so you don´t find yourself with no food on a day off business, which might take you to having to eat out in an expensive restaurant.

craig foulds says:

Do you do all your travelling in your bedroom?

Tehran Rainy says:

Idiot WiFi is available in any country so dont repeat WiFi WiFi …

Carlo Fantozzi says:

I love her outfit

Brian Kurotsuchi says:

You're funny and cute. Thanks. ;)

Valerie Brett says:

Hahaha I love this: "unrealistic expectations about your physical fitness." So true! For me, when I think I can walk everywhere… but also as a yoga teacher in Hawaii & previous hiking tour guide, I saw people think they were way more fit than they were ALL the time

Christina Brown says:

what if i'm flying for the first time alone at 17 and have a 12 hour layover, should I still say yes and talk to people? or keep tp myself?

Ria Kathrine says:

love your shirt here ?

Brandon Rogers says:

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LilDeadHead1 says:

Nadine where did you get that watch?! i absolutely love it

Lauren N says:

In your other videos you say you started traveling in 2009 ???

Caitlin “Hayden” says:

When you come to Sydney, Australia and are planning on taking public transport, you must buy an Opal Card.

Cindy McVey says:

PRO TIP: underwear is easily washed in your room. Use the shampoo or body wash provided by your hotel and wash each day when you shower!

doge says:

I agree with most of this video except for 1 thing. Withdrawing money from the ATM instead of carrying cash. I feel like you should always use cash in and way possible instead of having to use your card. It's called exchange rate. You will be losing money if you're withdrawing or swiping your cards in other countries.

H Skarnik says:

Is English your first language?

Andrea Ryan says:

I've had my card shut off 3 times when I wasn't even out of the country 2 of those. Then they act like you are crazy for notifying them in advance! Chase is awful for that.

Janine Valerio says:

love love love your watch!!!! i'm not a watch person, so i love that it looks like a bracelet! where can i find one like that?? xoxox

AMM Spotter says:

Hey Nadine ! Best regards from Jordan ! Are you by any chance Jordanian 😀 ? Love your videos <3, keep it up !

Jen D says:

Pro tip: check the local economy before deciding on carrying all cash or depending on your ATM. I've been travelling since 2001 (so actually watched this to decide if you would have some newer tricks that I could use for potential business travel – aka 2-3 days – vs the long vacation trips I'm used to) and I have found as I have gotten more adventurous that you cant depend on access to an ATM everywhere you go (and some places they just arent safe to use even if you find them). If the place where you are travelling is way outside normal touristy places and doesnt have reliable electricity you wont find any ATMs (even more so when you know they have NO electricity!) and so you need to carry all your money in CASH. I have a friend in the Foreign Service (we were friends before she got the job) and I have visited her in some out of the way places and most of the time it has been really hard to get money and no one takes cards. If you are going somewhere with a very low standard of living, where the money isnt worth much and people are living on a couple dollars a day, then you wont find ATMs or you will have to travel quite a ways into the wealthy neighborhoods to find a safe one (because the touristy areas tend to have skimmers on theirs). My first trip to see her was to Cairo while she was still a student (she is a Mideast specialist), it took us over an hour and a half to get to the nearest safe ATM from her apartment. No one we interacted with (including the Pyramids!) took credit or debit card or had any way of doing so (this was just before the Arab Spring) so I needed all the cash I was going to use – which I took out in one big transaction. The key to carrying all that cash is to divide it up – small bills are best as you said – and hide it all over your body. Put just what you are going to use that day in your wallet the rest goes inside your clothes in internal pockets or a hidden money belt (under tucked in clothing!). I was lucky that only my friend and her one roommate who was also an American student had keys to her apartment because I could leave the bulk of my money there but that wouldnt have been possible with a hotel. And Cairo was a very touristy place at the time! Visiting her in Nigeria I could only get money by paypalling it to her and having her get it out of her account at the embassy for me. So again – carried all cash. We spent a few days way out in the jungle at a nature rehabilitation preserve where the only electricity they had was from a couple solar panels and it was just enough to run the electric fences that kept the groups of primates they were rehabbing and breeding separated (no running water either unless you counted a rain barrel with a rope that you held down to open a small spout for a shower as running water). The local village where many of the non-scientist, non-veterinarian workers lived had no electricity at all (neither did most of the town we went through on the 8 hour drive out there) so no ATMs but lots of good food to buy and some amazing souvenirs too.
So yea, really look at where you are going before deciding that you dont need to carry all the money you will need for your stay in cash and that you dont need to exchange currency before you go (always better to do through a bank in your home country a couple weeks in advance if possible) or at a currency exchange at the destination.
And if you have read this long – my biggest "rookie" mistake – made when I was definitely not a rookie sadly: check all the required vaccines and meds (like anti-malarials!) way ahead of time (did that was ok there) AND double check when to start them and how long after you need to take them (also did that was good there) AND most importantly check for any pertinent SIDE EFFECTS – namely ones that wouldnt matter in your home climate but become extremely important in climates you arent used to as it is. I learned this the hard way as the anti-malarials I was prescribed and took cause extra sun-sensitivity, and the sun in Nigeria is a bit (ok a LOT) stronger than the sun at home. I got sun poisoning my last day there when we went to the beach for the day even though I reapplied SPF 100 (cause I knew the sun was stronger and I burn in New England as it is) every hour or so. Flying with your skin melting off from sun poisoning is NOT fun. And if I had read the pamphlet insert that came with the meds instead of just packing them and going I would have brought a cover up and a hat to wear when we were not swimming and made sure I spent more time in our beach hut shelter thing and maybe reapplied my sunscreen every half hour that day, instead of hanging on the sand in a bikini all day. So know the side effects of anything different that you have to take on your trip!

Fabriccio Idiarte says:

Excellet tips! Super great video! Thanks for the useful advices!

Stephen Bradwell says:

Hey nadine hi, where does one find your T-shirt??

Megan Walters says:

Tysm I am going to Thailand so I need to check this

Jordan McFall says:

Haha rookie video mistake …not focusing on your face. Loved the content though!

Randi Ferguson says:

why are ATMS better for taking out money or exchanging money?

Farescape 98 says:

lmao. I didnt tell my bank I went to Mexico for a week and went to pay for hotel and card was declined. Then had to call the bank, wait on hold and fix the issue. Had a huge phone bill to next month!! Def tell your bank, my lesson learned lol

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