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4th industrial revolution (new science and technology of 2017)

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The fourth Industrial Revolution is building on the Third. It is characterized by a fusion of technological innovation that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres, international consumer electronics, technology and new inventions, we are ever changing and innovating to improve not just life, but the industrial standards. What seemed like science fiction in the 90’s has now been mythbusted and become a reality!


Greg Zeng says:

https://betanews.com/2017/06/19/technology-will-destroy-jobs/ "Tech disruption will destroy jobs".
Another pessimist (whinging pom, as we Australians say). So I pointed to this YouTube entry.

>Old timers (ww2 baby boomers) like myself have antique cognitive structures that cannot handle modernity e.g. extreme rigidity of social & sex roles; biochemical substance dependencies, etc.

> The cognitive structures of all homo sapiens has poor architectural foundations, support & webbing. Cognitive scientists like myself have too much work ahead. We desperately need more non-robotic scientists.

Bruce Miller says:

This is a weak American marinated flick! over five years ago, China developed a supercomputer a full magnitude faster than anything American. Google this)This gave the much larger Chinese/Asian intellectual pools access to AI( Artificial Intelligence) Americans can't even imagine. The American Hegemony is over, the American weapons superiority will soon end, the American notions of influencing the world by armed aggression and the "Coca Cola democracy, served at rifle point" is rapidly coming to an end.


Leonardo DiCaprio got a jet plane too that meeting…and the one before it…

"He does not give a shit about nature!"

Drew McFadyen says:

so much nwo waffle lol


I am very excited to be living in a time like this. As a social worker, I am interested in the implications technological advances will have on the class systems. As the video says, we have the technology now, it is just a practice of implementing things. Eventually work for less educated and unskilled workers will diminish. I suspect in the near future, even manual labour will be replaced by technology, and construction site supervisors will be engineers. In a captialist society, this is going to displace millions of people, and it has begun to do so already. It is true, the way we perceive work will change. But that sentence on its own is modest at best for conjuring the true implications of such a movement. It is counterproductive to offset the progress of technology to continue this class system; to gainfully employ unskilled workers. This will no doubt be an issue of the near future.

unbelievablesuccess says:

More efficient technology to exploit earth more efficiently? Who is powering all these devices? Will we be happier?

vlada888 says:

Not gonna happen.

Max Spets says:

At 1:41 is that Dicaprio? ;D

Microphunktv says:

… humans have always been tools.

Greg Zeng says:

Industrial revolutions (Wikipedia & Google)
1. Machine tools; physical. (1760 – 1820)
2. Technological; biological (?) (1820 – 1914)
3. Lateral power; Internet; digital. (1995 – present)
4. Fusion of biological, physical, digital (present – onwards)

Paul Lampl says:

This is the direction we need to be moving in and everyone should be aware of it, and do everything in their power to help humanity get to this point.

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