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5 Honey Beauty Tips

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I’m back with another beauty tips video! Here are 5 beauty tips using honey!

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Haaneya Mohseni says:

Omg ur so beautiful ????I had to subscribe ??

shruti M says:

Hey dea but I have heard applying honey on hair's then it will become white is this true?? Plz lemme knw

Krati Jaiswal says:

how often can we use honey mask on face in a week? can we use it for dry skin? please reply.

Jpher Samy says:

Nice tips! Definitely subscribed here. I hope you can sub back ?

Keana Panda says:

can u please try to do a video on blackhead?

MM Earlene says:

do u recommend a specific type of honey? im gonna try this, hope it works well on me

MD Sales Deen says:

honey is best for oily skin

Cari Del-Rio says:

I like the editing. Cool Honey tips too.

Pratiksha Rai says:

mam hair mask ke liye coconut oil Honey ke sath use kar sakte hai

Nina_N says:

Yes for the natural products! Your videos are amazing, I love them so much!

Sana Sohail says:

you are awesome just joined you on Snapchat ??

LitcheTheArsm says:

literally did the honey face mask (as a mild form cleansing) this morning! love these ways to incorporate it into our hair and skin care!

Wanderer says:

That was awesome! Love your videos :)

sushmita dhar says:

Ur suggsetions are always woth trying and r so effective.Suggest some tips for dry scalp and dandruff

Lubna Lulu says:

I love ur videos ?

Anitha Lakshmi Kameswari Ankala says:

Hi sister…ur vedios will be good… plz help mr out wid dz how to put my hair sit in a place all day ..my hair usually just messeses out so soon I want a natural tip but not hairsprays serums..wat to do to my hair wen im all set to go out full day…

S Singh says:

Love your videos!!

Jay Lel. M says:

Does the honey have to be raw or can it be regular honey from the grocery?

Alba Cruz says:

can I use honey if I have combination skin?

TutorialM 14 says:

You are such an inspiration! The first time I watched one of your videos, I had to subscribe! :))

Gigi Flower says:

Ugggh hahaha why do I keep thinking you have many subscribers 🙁 sucks cause you actually have some nice videos that help . , can you do I vídeo about discoloration or dark hypermentension on the skin :/

Hagar Jojo says:

Do a Body care routine VIDEO please

Ancy Shajan says:

I have oil skin can I use it in my face

Blueberry Blossom says:

Loved the video! Is there anything I can replace the oatmeal with?

KayDesignsNY says:

I am going to try the honey face mask. Thanks for the video :)

beautygymanist 105 says:

thank you love your videos

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