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8 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Your Android Smartphone

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We have been using Android since a long long time now but there are a few things that we are still doing wrong on Android. In this video, we are showing you the 8 things that you might be doing wrong on your Android smartphone. These are simple things that affect the working of an Android device. So, follow these Android tips and improve your Android smartphone’s speed and performance.

We are demonstrating this video using the Moto G4 Plus (Android 7.0), Google Pixel (Android 7.1.2), Xiaomi Mi Mix (MIUI 8.0), and Samsung Galaxy S7 (Lineage OS).

Video Walkthrough:

1. Killing Apps Manually or Using Task Killers
2. Using Anti-virus Apps
3. Not Checking App Permissions
4. Using Cache Clearing Apps
5. Installing Apps from Unknown Sources
6. Using Sensor Based Apps
7. Using Battery Saver Apps
8. Not Shutting Down Your Devices

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10 New Android O Features You Should Know: https://youtu.be/rWimgVuEa3o

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Beebom says:

You can check out our latest video on Samsung Galaxy S8 here -> https://goo.gl/Y2BYJd

Ayanendu De says:

Hey beboom, i am using moto g3, and is it the good option to not killing apps manually as you had benn told in this video. If the apps remain on in the background then it is very common that they drain the battery of the phone..and what are best tips to save battery but not in a power saving mode? Please answer beebom.

chaitanya Atre says:

But what if the phone company itself giving apps like battery saver and junk cleaner .. What to do with that .. I'm using redmi note 4

Aaron V says:

Thank you for the tips.

Himath Pro says:

Your ideas help me a lot.

prateek singour says:

Which phone did you used? ?????

Yazmin Gamboa says:

I've watched several of your videos & convinced myself it's worth subscribing to your channel. Thanks for all your knowledge & helping others and myself.

Venice Beach CA

Jan Wind says:

Love your vids Beebom

Mohamed Ammar says:

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Tri Nastiti Husin says:

Dude I really want that shirt! Where can I find it?

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