9 Creative Life Hacks that will Make your life more Meaningful !!! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

9 Creative Life Hacks that will Make your life more Meaningful !!!

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9 Creative Life Hacks that will Make your life more Meaningful !!!

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Chloe Elizabeth says:

Why do you drink packaged chocolate milk and eat bread for breakfast…. just why…

HeyItzJack_ Gaming & More says:

Omg my cup of water is so hot let me drop it

Kylie•Fornia • says:

I'm sure this guy is Asian ? like me

22rimururu says:


Skylar Mcguire says:

on with bread

Skylar Mcguire says:

who drinks milk from a bag nasty

NHack says:

very useful

Laiba Nawaz says:

i hate your videos ??????

xXBlueHuskyXx says:


Adrian Stachyra says:

When life gives u bread u clean up broken glass with it

TeunGamed says:

Why does he have milk in a bag?

Amirhakim Ramli says:

the bread!?

Memel Bunda says:

you use a slice of bread to clean a mess? my god is not usefull its

Memel Bunda says:

your life hack is so fuck!!!

fliza iiv says:

the worst life hacks video i ever seen !

PixelNerdz says:

Jummy !!?!????! Lol wtf

miss prickle piggy (superpiggy) says:

Yyyaasss I'm the 1000th comment

Dinh Trần says:

Ngu còn bài đặt nói Tiếng Anh

Dinh Trần says:

You Suck at English don't speak English enymore

ARi Plays says:

What country is this guy from?

Kristen the cat Kitty says:

I have never seen anybody eat chocolate milk with their bread and dip their in the milk.

Inermer The Wolf says:

Who puts milk in a bag? Crazy people that make life hack videos that only work for them. Biggest 10 minutes if my life waisted.

Dragon Playz-MC says:

Where are you from life hacks?

Minerva Sanchez says:

gi go to 2:49 and water is spilling on the floor

Brian Jay Mauricio says:

y would u use a bread to wipe ur screen computer??? that will make ur computer stinky…. use a towel???

Rainbow35 says:

This is the first video I have watched of yours it is really cool! So I subscribed to you channel

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