AFV Funny Vines Fails Compilation – Best Vines 2016 | Poris Radio - VIDEO

AFV Funny Vines Fails Compilation – Best Vines 2016

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Best Fails Compilation by America’s Funniest Home Videos! Be sure to follow them on Vine @AmericasFunniest!

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Donald Trump News - Trump News Today says:

LOSE =)))))

Mehdi Zeka says:


Tom and Jerry TV says:

HELLO!!! I'm from Ukraine.
We really after a hard situation in the country.
I will be very grateful for the SUB.support.

Kim Valdez says:

8:55 what did the kid say?

Kim Valdez says:

6:55 Jesus don't like you gurl

hjuki hjnb says:

OMG ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Crimson Ice says:

on 7:40 he counted to early

Nicole Infante says:

6:12 pobrecita la señora

pokemonhli says:

Kdo je cz

emre bağcı says:

profilime tıklayın ve kanalıma abone olun

Denisa Covaci says:

2:11 I'm dead =)))))))))))))

Ahmad Sana12 says:

It's not fun

#SWAG #SWAG says:

4:26 omg sub pls me

Neel Patel says:

10:00 the best moment

Mael Descamps says:

je like et je m'abone????

Robert Pinet says:

Name of the song plz at 0:00

Lily Sydell says:

4:23 has a spider on the plate

the cooool bros says:

I only laughed twice witch is the one were the two lady's hit into each other and the door handle one ?

Daffa Arapp says:

Butut Ahh

tristan lyles says:

what song at 6:41

The Gn0me Games says:

what's the song from the part with the girl getting hit with the base ball bat????

Jordan Miller says:

bro 5:31 has me rollin??????

Настя кот says:

очень смешно, лайк и подписка

Edwin Constante says:

Es gracioso

Makeda Vanscoy says:

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よしこチャンネル says:

6:23 what is this song

Picollo Tiwas (Pico) says:

Pls no edit next time like add some backgroud music and those silly words.

Daphne Martin says:

i was watching this at night hofelly no one heard me burst my laugh out?????

Rob Rodriguez says:

smily face  nhbhhgvb fvfrdfcfgdd

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