Anderson Cooper Zings Trump Supporter for Saying Trump’s ‘Winning’ on Social Media | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Anderson Cooper Zings Trump Supporter for Saying Trump’s ‘Winning’ on Social Media

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Anderson Cooper zinged a Donald Trump supporter tonight for declaring that he’s winning despite the media saying otherwise.

Scottie Nell Hughes actually made the argument that it’s only the media and the polls saying he’s losing but if you look at Trump’s social media stats and how excited his people are you’ll see something different:

“The only place we’re hearing… that Donald Trump is losing is in the media or these polls…. You’re not seeing it with the crowd rallies, you’re not seeing the enthusiasm, you’re not seeing it on social media, where Donald Trump is 2-3 times more than Hillary Clinton on every social media platform.”


ninuxy says:

Ya, she is right. Because they are the same jobless losers who spend their entire waking moments vomiting about Tramp.

The rest of us work and have other things in life.

Fred Spina says:

This Trump supporter is so stupid it's sad. But we all know you cannot fix stupid.

mezzofondo says:

Damnnnnnnnnnn… :)

Glen Stanislawski says:

who are they trying to kid there news is no news Trump would never leave any of the CNN polls no surprise to any Trump supporters you know when you got Anderson Gaylord Cooper in the Hillary let's let her in a bunch of refugee Foundation running the show


He's winning in Social Racist media, Which is a minority that are pay trolls like this gold digger on the CNN panel.
Hillary 2016!

theRealAV8r says:

As usual, the Trump scam-paign is comically self destructive, no assistance necessary. Their own campaign manager said they're behind, and she should know being an experienced professional pollster. But Trump and the surrogates spin away, and Trumpsters shake their little fists online.

Lemmy Fuque says:

LOL, how many lobotomized Libtards does it take to make a partial brain? You got to be truly stupid or seriously fucked in the head to believe the lies and propaganda spewed by these mental midgets!

goodstuffohhyeah says:

9/11 not an inside job? Go fuck yourself Cooper

Marathonracer says:

Scottie, you ignorant slut ! I don't know who's funnier, Scottie Nell Hughes and her insane parody of herself, rambling incoherently as she usually does, or Cecily Strong's parody of her as a full-blown nutjob , which is pretty much the same thing.
Watch: "At This Hour Cold Open-SNL"

Real Indaba says:

Anderson Cooper – 9/11 was an inside job – I never believed it until I heard about the other towers also going down

Alan Barwise says:

your right cooper 9/11 was an inside job…remember when they said 2,hijackers passports had been found at bottom of rubble…ha ha ha pisser.

Alan Barwise says:

idiot,go trump dont let the charity stealing, raping and murdering clintons in.

David Winkler says:

That sodomite wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass.

Jaime Gandarilla says:

If attending events and tweeting were votes, Beyonce would be Queen of the Western Hemisphere

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