Are Frozen Elsa & Maleficent BEST FRIENDS BFF?! w/ Spiderman Joker Car Spidergirl! Superhero Fun | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Are Frozen Elsa & Maleficent BEST FRIENDS BFF?! w/ Spiderman Joker Car Spidergirl! Superhero Fun

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Are Frozen Elsa & Maleficent BEST FRIENDS BFF?! w/ Spiderman Joker Pink Spidergirl! Superhero Fun in Real Life by Webs & Tiaras 🙂

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amanda kakurova says:

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amanda kakurova says:

I wanted to say the same ….. Elsa you are beautiful !

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Real lovely vidfs:)))))))

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yo tengo los patines e soy luna y los fibrases e los que se ifrasaron

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yo creo que elsa tiene que ser el novio fe el novio que tira hielo

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oigan tienen 2 canales

Superhero vs Supervillain says:

Good JOb!
Very Nice!! :-)

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I wanted to say the same…Elsa you are beautiful!

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Seems to always have to trick people into loving Maleficent.

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Very Nice ;D

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