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Are You Living an Insta Lie? Social Media Vs. Reality

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If you’re guilty of living an Insta Lie or know somebody that is, then this video is most certainly for you. We’re partnering up with boohoo.com to call out some of the funniest and most common Insta Lie’s posted on social media.

Insta Lie (verb): an intentionally false representation of real life on social media. Examples include:

1.) Tagging an edited and made-up selfie with #IWokeUpLikeThis;
2.) Taking a million selfies before deciding on just one to post as #Effortless ?;
3.) Going all the way to Starbucks, buying a coffee and opening up your Macbook – taking a photo of your #WorkSpace, closing your Macbook and then going back home;
4.) Using filters to edit your travel photos – making them literally look #Unreal.

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valse incminor says:

ah please. no one does that

orchid flower says:

Of COURSE I am!!!lol

Gabby Gershom Bassey says:

I love this I shows how people are living a life of lies

Michael Riley says:

I'm so glad I deleted all my social media. Ugh!

viknes says:

9 out of 10 people in this world practising as shown in this video. only 1 is using social media for necessary

Anna Ly says:

I'm not on IG so…no.

Baba Tsukato says:

Funny Losers ?

Sasha K says:

That feeling when I don't even have an instagram. Just prefer to be real with my life.
Oh and I'm not in my 40's lol 😉

Anmol Thakur says:

Does this really happens ?

raw rebel says:

You can never have too many flannels. #FlannelShirtGuy69

Darth Veda says:

We dont need to prove ourselves okay. Just ..*starts to crie* love yourself.

Darth Veda says:

Phones ruin peoples lives… its.. so sad.

Darth Veda says:

I know i have a youtube account. I use this to talk to people so i can tell them what the world REALLY needs to hear. Thats all.

Darth Veda says:

I personally hate instagram. It ruins girls lives. Believing this "insta" world is real. Social media scarrs peoples minds that they need to be a certian thing to be seen as beautiful or perfect. You are ALL perfectly- imperfect. Love yourselves.

Gloomy Days says:

This happens to my mom. Not like others who scold their kids for being addicted to social media, I'm the one who always have to remind my mom to get off her phone. She's on Facebook and takes photos all the time. She won't even pay attention to the family when we're hanging out together.

On the contrary, I'm 19 and I don't have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. I only access YouTube and my e-mail account. I prefer to keep my privacy. I travel and eat out a lot, but I don't feel the need to post my trips on social media. I just take occasional photos but not all the time, unlike my mom…

Summer Martinez says:

I feel guilty for admitting that I actually tried to be healthy and got a healthy meal, took a pic of it, posted it claiming I was gonna be healthy, took a bite of it and thrown it out and just got McDonald's. oh and the makeup thing too. getting dressed up like I'm going somewhere but I just wanted to take a cute picture. but I think a lot of people do that honestly

Elf McNaughton says:

I used to have an Instagram account. I used it for around 2 years. I deleted my account 8 months ago because I couldn't stand watching people pretending just for the camera.. I used to be like that too… Now I remember those pics and I feel shame of myself lol

angelic goth says:

thank you so much for the great video!!

Lizardman529 says:

Exactly the reason why I stay off social media…

Daenerys Stormborn says:

0:56 Her office is already aesthetically pleasing so not much of a lie

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