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[ASMR] Tingly Meditation for the Creative Mind

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Most of you know I have my master’s in creative writing. (WOW WHAT A SPECTACULAR AND LUCRATIVE CAREER CHOICE.)

But damn, y’all. Sometimes writing is HARD. And I know other creatives (artists, musicians, etc.) have trouble creating as well.

So this is for you–a calm, meditative, motivational discussion about who you are as a creative and what you bring to the world.

Sit back, relax, and then GO GET ‘EM, TIGER.


Lauren York says:

You WRITE??? Please drop your book, I will buy in in a heartbeat. I'm also a writer so it's delightful to know you are. You just look like someone who would make a great story.

Daja Waja says:

your voice is very relaxing, it's like sorcery!

Ema Doom says:

I follow a bunch of ASMRartist, but definitely, you're my favourite. You just have something different, the most radient energy and beautiful attitude. Its strage, although i know you just through your videos i can feel you're an extraordinary person. I'm sure if we knew each other in person, you would probably be that one friend that i admire the most. ^^ Keep up you're great!

Michael Kane says:

As a hobbyist photographer , no matter what the subject is the lens will never have a soul like the human eye does

S Mac says:

Well, come March 21st I'm sure you'll be procrastinating on writing lol (Because that's when Mass Effect Andromeda comes out for those of you who didn't know)

Taylor Bryant says:

I'm working on finishing my thesis, and I feel like this will be really helpful to fall asleep to tonight and inspire me in the morning ! Thank you!

Masonzero ASMR says:

3 seconds in and I am goooood to go. Love it!

dante4444 says:

This beats benadryl any day
Not that I smoke it or anything…

spottswood says:

Could this ASMR video be used for a Lego architect (me) because I am a Lego builder and a drawer But mostly Lego 🙂

Bruno Gallant says:

Your words moved me deeply. My art is photography. Thank you.

Dara Vaughan says:

great video! wow. one of my favs!

selfatrophy says:

That Flaubert quote at 3:45 expresses exactly how I feel. While the act of writing is satisfying the product is less so.

Walter Faro says:

Echoing the others here, but thank you for this! As a writer, poet, and current graduate student in English this is so encouraging. I'm wishing desperately that I could focus on my prose/poetry, but for now I'm attempting to find the creative in seminar paper writing… It's great to hear that you're not letting up on creative productivity post-MFA!

monkeyseatcatfood says:

instant ASMR 🙂 I think this will help me while trying to do homework. thanks!

Edge Gamer says:

I'm very glad that I found your channel 🙂 The tingles are never ending!

UchihaDualStorm says:

Lipstick on point

Brian Rivera says:

I think the quotes are distracting. if I wanted a philosophy lesson I'd be reading about it. I'm trying to relax not read and think lol

Epitaphforyesterday says:

you are speaking my language. plus, you're doing it through the most excellent mental furlough of asmr. not everyone is defined by their job, children, etc. i like to try to be a musician when i'm not on the clock. that puts me into questionable territory to some types, the land of make-believe.

Shannon Shifflett says:

As always; a phenomenal job with the video. I've taken a long break from writing due to some serious personal issues. Now I'm trying to get back into the flow of things, and I'm at the editing of the first draft of my latest novel. After so much time passing it is daunting to dive back in, but your video this time was both relaxing and inspiring.

After watching this, it dawned on me I am perhaps approaching the situation incorrectly. Before diving into something so drastic, I may just throw together a short story over the next couple of weeks to refresh myself instead. Thanks for continuing to share your artistic gifts with all of us.

Duke Nukem says:

if you get knocked down… get back up even if it hurts ….then at that moment you have overcome the blow and the next time it comes again you will know how to keep standing when it hits you. ……. just my own philosophy. it may not be very insightful but I had to apply it to myself before

TheMaverick says:

Why do i always get click baited by the cleavage! ?

Mettica says:

Tingles, art, shakespeare… Just a minute and I already love this too much. I would do spam of my poetry blog but it is in spanish so you wont probably understand a thing ?

T Southon says:

Thanks heaps for this video! I haven't written ANYTHING since 2011 in High School because I have just been too afraid, completing a bachelor's degree in music in New Zealand with other superior creative minds surrounding me. Worrying about their opinions too often, and so I just stuck to aspects of music that were less creative and required not much thought. This video, however, just when I needed inspiration, inspired me. So thanks for reviving my creativity! 🙂

IamFonix says:

I find rain very peaceful and relaxing, maybe you could incorporate it into one of your next videos? ?

Adam Bolton says:

Good timing Cordelia! I just started a new project recently. Writing the story for a video game project!

moviechic07 says:

That Ray Bradbury quote at the end is my favorite. 😀

raidurincarnate says:

You know, I generally don't like layered videos where the video isn't part of one of the audio layers, but your mastery of hand movements actually got me tingling along with this one. (It is also turning out to be a good one to listen to while outlining the D&D campaign I'm working on for some friends.)

angelsofpalo says:

Poet checking in. I love the theme, and even if we disagree on some points I can't help the fondness I feel over the passion you've shared.

Barry Knight says:

Excellent! As a writer, I find this speaks to me in ways I find very helpful.

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