Ayesha Curry Gets Huge Surprise From Drake | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Ayesha Curry Gets Huge Surprise From Drake

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Ayesha Curry Gets Huge Surprise From Drake
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Ayesha Curry was signing copies of her book “The Seasoned Life” in Toronto when a familiar face was seen waiting in line. Drake was there, waiting in line for his own signed copy.

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Mild Quile Walker says:

Drake is waiting for a weak moment always!!!

Nick Schultz says:

Shes really not that pretty… Drake dosent know wether to be warriors bandwagon fan or a Craptor's cheerleader

Pamela Sapp says:

Drake has a tattoo of Rihanna under his arm

Yashmin Pascual says:

I have a feeling Drake fucking her quietly

anthony kazi says:

Ayesha is fine…very fine

Kameron Koch says:

Ty's smile just makes me wanna smile 🙂 anyone else?

Atoms gracefully falling in the midnight rain says:

It looks like drake is trying to look down her shirt in the thumbnail

Chris Stokes says:

Drake bout to slide in there and pretend he was interested in her book lol. .

NateTheGreat says:

We all know Drake was lowkey trying to fuck Ayesha

Sweet Tweet says:

i don't see how this is news

plantsvsandrew ribli says:

i thought ayesha and steph had divorce

scottyone71 says:

Why can't it be just be innocent support?and Drake is showing support to his someone who is from Toronto like himself..sheez

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