Baby Alive HALLOWEEN Costume HAUL! – baby alive videos | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Baby Alive HALLOWEEN Costume HAUL! – baby alive videos

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Baby Alive Halloween Costume haul! Baby Alive Molly and Daisy are trying on their costumes for Halloween and they are super cute! Baby Alive Daisy wanted to be a fairy and she got her cute costume that comes with pink and blue sparkle wings. My baby alive Molly wanted to be a witch this Halloween and her costume came with a witch’s hat and adorable striped stockings!

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Margaret Shields says:


Natalia Sepulveda says:

I gone to be a darc mermaid and my sister is gone to be a which

John hall sandra you are doing graet says:

a zombe bride

Sophie Finlayson says:

I am going to be maleficent

Katy Kat says:

I'm gonna be raggedy Ann for Halloween

August Bk says:

my baby dolls are getting dressed up for Halloween

Elyse Syme says:

hi guys my cousin is going to be Melody

Audrina Grace says:

Ya ya so cute

David Cabrera says:

I am a cope with hand cuffs

Carmen Borja says:

yeah ?????

Rosa Monzon says:

i am going to be Hip Hop qeen

EAJ BFF CK says:

I like mollys more becase I em also going to be a wich

Taydi Baltazar says:

sort. glir

Taydi Baltazar says:

molly. good. you. gosum

holland conner says:

happy Halloween!!!!!!!

holland conner says:

Daisy is so cute

Karen Rozell says:

Yes and yes

James Waters says:

I do not want to call me

James Waters says:

a cheerleader

James Waters says:

a cheerleader

Richard mendez says:

old lady Anndrea

Richard mendez says:

old lady Anndrea

Daisy Larbi says:

my name is Daisy they are so cute

Veronica Burns says:

I like it

Alexandra Fitzpatrick says:

I am going to be a reper

Chandrakala Konakati says:

I'm a cute cat I think I can't really tell what it is I hope you have a super Halloween ???????

Katherine Mayo says:

I love there hola ween costume

Tiffiney Horsey says:

My name is Tiffiney horsey

Tiffiney Horsey says:

Dasie is sooooooo cute

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