Best Clutch Moments in Sports (Part 3) | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Best Clutch Moments in Sports (Part 3)

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Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSN1UIh0DJM
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBhyfXNmQeE

Song: Spectre – Alan Walker


DMK-Tech says:

Kc royals in the wildcard game

Genk98 says:

i have seen this video hundreds times

Anonymous Ace says:

Song plz?

AcTive_ Murphy says:

you forgot about aron Harrison when he hit a game winning three against Michigan and Wisconsin

Mack 09 says:

in all your music vids put the vid link in discriptrion plz and thx

Jack Hannigan says:

David gray Hibernian vs Rangers?

Fridrich Graot says:


Paul Lineham says:

The music is fucking terrible! Wrecks the video! Just leave the music out or have it at really low volume – the action and the commentary alone is much better.

Dark Knight18 says:

SMH at the word clutch.. so douchey

Sebastian Valles says:

I am still disappointed about the kings and rangers

BlackHawkPlayz says:

The least one if my favorite!!!!!!???

JaWatDenn Jonge says:

Dude where is Manchester City with Agüero!

Damien333 says:

This music made me go deaf.

Zed says:

The music makes it unwatchable

Daniel Aune says:

Hey buddy !! proposed Does anyone watch one's better this rexult$

PxlChip says:

i like seeing people happy

Nokia Cup Series says:

The thumbnail kills me every time

James Bond says:

2:40 When you hit the game winner to win the championship, that has to be the most surreal feeling ever. That's the kind of shit kids grow up pretending to do.


basquetball and american football and hockey ,these are boring

Panda Diagramm says:

why this stupid music?

Aran Rodriguez says:

Lillard's buzzer beater, never gonna forget it.

Danette Lay says:

first one was clutch definetly

sheamv sheamv says:

So American ffs

SUDZY 자살 says:

Why do people always have to put shitty Music in the Background? Just use the Original Comment ffs.

Michael Malee says:

The lillard one always gives me goosebumps

Will Merriman says:

What in THE fuck is this music? Why this?

delluxe_g35 says:

That's cool but we're Kobe highlights?

Ali Bizati says:

Can u please do some clips on Faton bauta because he is my cousin

Will Hedges says:

Music ruined the video

jake gogolin says:

I won $300 from the march madness game where Villanova won(EPIC CLUTCH)

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