BEST Fidget Spinner COLLECTION!! – INSANE Hand Spinners!! 😱 | Poris Radio - VIDEO

BEST Fidget Spinner COLLECTION!! – INSANE Hand Spinners!! 😱

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BEST Fidget Spinner COLLECTION!! – INSANE Hand Spinners!! 😱

today i am gonna show you my entire fidget spinner collection!! cause alot of you keep on asking for this video so here it is!! 😀
hope you guys enjoy this video!! AND AS ALWAYS STAY SPINNING!! PEACE!!

LET’S SMASH 250 LIKES!!!!!!!!!


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JustMigs says:

let's smash 250 likes!!!!!
let me know what vid should i make next Time 🙂

typical Gamer says:

everyone has fidget spinners lol…
i have 2 right now but im planning on getting more…
also Nice collection 🙂

Robert Hicks says:

I don't have a fidget spinner

Ludwig Andersson says:

Lol123 ✌️👍

Ami Murray says:

My birthday is today and can you give me a fidget spinner 😀♥️

James Chapman says:

Is it brushed metal?

Kale Hale says:

can I have the gold spinner please please I don't have one

Levi L says:


amir nathan Ocariza says:

can you give me one of theme pls 🙏

Foolishdonkey53 Is a fool says:

The intolerable intro lol

Chance Perry-Payton says:

were does u get thoes bags from

Mewtwo Gaming says:

did he say “my turd one´´lol

Dude beast says:

fidget spinner

Eric Juarez says:

I really want a figet spinner please

Joel Vasquez says:

You have really good vids

d dog says:

can I have the rose gold brush metal please my b day is tomorrow

christina yanez says:

just migs I was wondering if I can enter the t
hing to get the figet figure

Jonathan Espinal says:

cool im telling every one to watch your videos

ItzTashaunRhinehart says:

Ill take the broken one idc if its broke

Hector Lopez says:

I have 40 six

BATMAN says:

Guys go to eBay set the price to only! 5$ do free shipping for the age so 12-16 but it now and when your done these steps one of the coolest designs will come and they only cost 3$ it's worth it

Jaxon Buchanan says:

"So we have the rose gold, and here we have the rose" are you fucking stupid???

Chill Smash says:

where did you get the r sponsor ship?

Gavin J says:

These are bad for you if you don't have like ADHD or Autism

Josiah Kamrodeen says:

can I get the broken one

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