Better Then/Better Now Riff-Off w/ Shawn Mendes & The Filharmonic | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Better Then/Better Now Riff-Off w/ Shawn Mendes & The Filharmonic

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When Shawn Mendes mocks James’ love for 90s hits, the two decide to find out which era produced better music with a riff-off, featuring the Spice Girls, Rihanna, Sia, Kris Kross, TLC and Shawn’s “Stitches” with a little help from The Filharmonic.

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Zarah X_ says:

He is like Luke in modern family season 6 or 7

Emily Rose says:

WHAT HOW OLD IS SHANE IF HE IF AN "ignorant teenager"

Justine Effenberger says:

my baby ????

Nadia Kreijfelt says:

Shawn Mendes is sws better

도날드덕 says:

That host is singer?

Ekharisti Lidya says:

i never liked him (shawn) before, probably because his music genre. but when he started singing in 3:11…..i changed my mind haha. best cover of "This is what you came for"

Moriom Molimorio says:

yea I agree with the people who said to do an Carpool karaoke with Shawn mendes XD

Tatiana SF says:

So you think ur better Than Shawn Huh?

Ashir Farooqui says:

You are amazing Shawn❤️

Hhugu Hfugu says:

shawn winns

Erika Segovia says:


Sofia Kll says:

shawn sing sooo good??

Raine Gabrielle says:


Hannah Mafi says:


Dollar Kathuria (Dollar1809) says:

Shawn is so adorably down to earth.

Savannah says:

5:30 ? the way he smiles always makes me smile

Chandni Baiju says:

watching this vedio who all fell more in love with Shawn? where my squad at?

eve rodriguez says:

I vote for Shawn Mendes love you

Céhad Dunebuggy says:

Um after this Shawn took me backstage and had his way with me.

Semira Rose says:

I'm so proud of shawm. he deserves to be where he is today , truly.

Neyshaly Nicole says:

when he started dancing ???

Pauline Anyaibe says:

When shawn said baby while singing cheap thrills, I almost died

Julia Sullivan says:

I love Shawn this just made my day❤️

Janie Downing says:

Please a Carpool Karaoke with Shawn Mendes in the near future!!! ❤️??????????

Gracie England says:

That was hot… I'm so jealous of both the musical talent and improvising. I love it from both James Corden and Shawn Mendes they're both so extremely talented.

Alexis Gonzales says:

do a carpool with shawn pls?

Protagonist says:

I was lovin cheap thrills then they cut it

Ritta Hajj says:

you invited this piece of shit omg go fucking invite caneron dallas is better than him

Ritta Hajj says:

you invited this piece of shit omg go fucking invite caneron dallas is better than him

Lena Takvorian says:

Shawn Mendes wins

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