Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy

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Music video by Bobby McFerrin performing Don’t Worry Be Happy.


David Harrison says:

I love you all.

Nabil Basthomy says:

dont worry be russki, cmon just rush b

skyzosnop says:

Im still earing this on 2016 <3

guranboroda says:

Донт уорри, Би хэппи.
Хорошая песня!

Andrew Jennes says:

My fav song! guess why??????

Антон Смотрин says:

A кто-нибудь может подсказать, из какого фильма эта песня? Can anybody tell me, what film is it? Sorry for english, i'm ten

Emma Rebehy says:

Better than pharalls song.

Emma Rebehy says:

Robin Williams is in this video

Emma Rebehy says:

8k people aren't happy

LucaAH says:

All the sounds u hear he made them with his mouth its amazing

DominicA34 says:

Robin must of forgot the meaning !

EJ Wolfgang says:

I heard this a billion times. bit I still like it haha

NickTheFlick says:

When you forgot to study for a test but then there is a snow day so you can study more

Nathan Jennings says:

This song is so freaking uplifiting! Especially at 1.5 speed!

Bon Bon says:

It's mind blowing to know this song is composed entirely by his voice only, no instruments, just his voice.

Muhammed Ozun says:

it' beautifull, very good :)

TurtledSheep says:

Dont worry be rukskiii

killer emy says:

i liked this song! LOL

Wet Pooh Sea says:

8461 people need to stop worrying and be happy!!

Reptilian 24 says:

Don't wory by hapy


this remember me my older brother…Everyone, let´s stop with bad things…&….BE HAPPY!

Crepy Yo says:


saitama nation says:

makes me happy

Alguien Gb says:

Este vídeo es tan zuavizito…

Odie Qluu says:

Robin Williams…?

A Nasty WashCloth says:

that 70's show

Mr AJ says:

someone keyed my car ?

Silent Echos says:

About 10 years ago, I was in Chicago waiting for the train to go home. It was late and as I stood there waiting, all of a sudden this song popped into my head. Subconsciously, I started whistling it, strolling around the station, and I realized that slowly, one by one, other people began to chime in. By the time the train got there, nearly 10 strangers were whistling, smiling, and laughing together. I think about that every time I hear this song. It's incredibly contagious, but more than that, it really does speak to the spirit of the moment and appreciating life now. You need something to be sad, but you need nothing to be happy :)

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