Buffett Talks His Early Career in Finance and Advice for Investors on ‘The David Rubenstein Show’ | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Buffett Talks His Early Career in Finance and Advice for Investors on ‘The David Rubenstein Show’

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“The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations” explores successful leadership through the personal and professional choices of the most influential people in business. Renowned financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein travels the country talking to leaders to uncover their stories and their path to success. The third episode features Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Warren Buffett.


Davtd Lowe says:

This tubby TRAITOR needs to tell TRUMP, coin AMERICA'S own personal money. The rich will become equals. AMERICA WILL BE FREE. . This is what we wanted from TRUMP

iam007richie says:


Randy Diaz says:

Looks like the democrats got this one in the bag…. 29:58

hino823 says:

he proves luck over brains when it comes to $$ iluvsquarez….nothing takes more discipline than a 9-5 job just 2 struggle…and HOLLYWOOD is full of DF who have more $$ than brains!!

Venkatesh Babu says:

Tv media and meeting people and making better decisions on investments was his best method of becoming the richest guy. Excellent interpersonal communicator.

TheXV22 says:

The interviewer seems like a dickhead.

Felix Godbout says:

Would be a good guy if he didnt lobby arizona to stop solar energy…

akash dk says:

please add subtitle

Sophia N says:

"Civil rights more than anything else…it never dawned on me how different life was for other people." – A man with character and the ability to think for himself, so rare and valuable.

shank_the_tank N says:

I have watched pretty much every single interview there is of Warren Buffett on youtube and also read the Intelligent Investor. But inspite of buying what I consider value stocks and holding them for over 10 years, I have not made very much money. In fact, many of my holdings have a paper loss and have trailed the S&P 500 :(. Concidentally, one of my holdings is also held by Mr. Buffett: USG. I started purchasing it prior to the crash at around $40 and kept buying as it went down, even some at $7 in the middle of the crisis. While my average purchase price is at $22 and is slightly below today's market rate, I'd have fared much better had I purchased an index fund. For one, USG has no dividends.

Would Mr. Buffett be kind enough to walk the novice investor through his method of analysis for a few real world companies in today's economic environment?

stephen geraci says:

Living Legend!

William Taylor says:

It worke ok I was working for my hero, serated forks. My dad, god rest his sole, you know, wtf? No way hathaway, this is quintesent, you can't lose. I remember how live everything was, never give up, if I was Robin Williams, run me on a tred mill, blank. I give up because I can't, but you don't understand, I never could, I pray for the sunshine to meat the rain.

Cameron Gupta says:

Let's just take a moment to appreciate Warren Buffet's bridge username: T-Bone

Goldy says:

What is buffet's rank on Rich People list now? I hear he keeps sliding.

John Rose says:

Not really surprised that Harvard rejected him. At the time, Harvard's admission board was looking for people with clear career paths, like Bill Gates whose parents wanted him to be a lawyer or mathematician. Nowadays if Warren had applied he would definitely get in because he's a loose thinker who plays most things by ear. They're looking for Zuckerberg's who will inspire more people to go there.

freesyddotcom says:

If you want to pay more tax then just do it, don't campaign for others to pay more.

Kempton Lam says:

6:00 Warren rented a house
6:54 I LOVE the answer Warren gave and he made me ROFL! 🙂
10:00 Start of segment 2
11:23 Telling (a then 30 years old recently wealthy) Bob Woodward, “Investing is just about assigning yourself the right story.”
22:21 Start of segment 3
23:27 The Buffett Tax
25:13 What Buffett wants to be his legacy?
25:38 Money has no utility to me. Time has utility to me. (New Quote I LOVE)
27:40 The END of the interview.
P.S. I've read, enjoyed & "reviewed" The Snowball (Alice's insightful biography about Warren) when it first came out and I quite enjoy watching this interview by David even though some of the info are obviously covered in Snowball. Thanks Bloomberg for sharing this post.
P.P.S. Warren is still so sharp at 86 and still remember all those numbers from years ago!

Russxiang says:

Amazing memory

Rob ten Napel says:

Boring interview no new interesting questions. Would be very interesting to ask more details about his search and method of finding good business.

Oliver Benning says:

Definitively gotta read "The Intelligent Investor" after hearing Ackman and now Buffet praise it so highly

Gregory J says:

great interview Bloomberg!!

captain weasel says:

Buffet is awesome

Emmet Dicaprio says:

Great guy :)

Zeyad Wanis says:

what a guy!

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