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Card Throwing How to Tutorials

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Please share and like so we can afford to create tons of new videos for you. Thanks! In this video, Magician Rich Ferguson reveals how to throw playing cards and how to toss cards while dealing cards at your home poker games. For more about Rich or fun products, visit http://www.TheIceBreaker.com or http://www.richferguson.com/store/


Daniel van der Hoeven says:

Thank you very much! I've seen a different video with a guy teaching how to throw cards, which was impossible to follow. I did it on the first try now!

Catcher Saurizard says:

Don't maiind if I do…

Mxkid1999 says:

I GOT IT AND I CAN DO IT GOOD NOW! Thank you now I can be Twisted Fate

Jinxed Slayer says:

this has been the best technique ive seen yet thanks a lot 😀 as long as you have the arm movement right after that its great 😀 finally can throw cards 😀

HamstarX Ham Starr says:

Oh crap. Im trying to do it, but im not good at it!

CappichonGames says:

I accidentally threw it in a slit of my desk

Stan Bulkens says:

Did it first time! 😀

iBluebossa says:

Looked like you held it differently in that video than you did this one. (between you fingers rather than one at the end)

Snappy Lights says:

Thanks for the video btw, i like teh part about the dealer throwing cards. But maybe techniques from an athlete's point of view, arm position can be changed for more momentum. But the finger position is very important, cus the smaller the grip the harder it will fly way. Do you think there are better way of holding the card or is that your personal favorite way of doing it? :O

billy bob says:

thank you 🙂

Tyler Smerz says:

Thank you!!!!

magnusm4 says:

the first technique didnt work so well, the second worked better both close and far range 🙂 no idea why

Jonathan Liu says:

man i got it the first time!

Kevin H. says:

Thanks for the tutorial! I got it first time 😀

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