Chris Brown Shows Off The Most Insane Sneaker Collection We’ve Ever Seen On Complex Closets | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Chris Brown Shows Off The Most Insane Sneaker Collection We’ve Ever Seen On Complex Closets

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Chris Brown gives Complex’s Joe La Puma an extensive tour of his never-before-seen insane sneaker collection, talks about his love for Allen Iverson growing up and how he brought 1,000 pairs of shoes on tour.

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Charz Moritz says:

sketchers lmao

Kelvin Lau says:

women hitter


wish i could afford any one of that!

Sgt. Slaughter says:

gay as hell…..women, fags and niggas are the only ones obsessed with this bs.

Foreign Kerri says:

based on his collecrion it looks like he get every shoe tht comes out

King Zay says:

Jesus Christ

King Zay says:


Tamyah EL-Amin says:

This is not CB, this is a clone???

Alex Maidman says:

The outside of the house looks like that scene in like mike when they are drawing a play on the wall

Kareem Sanders_249 says:

I would love to have a huge closet like that

Pure4us says:

Jaw be hella moving bro bro

11kado says:

Niggas forget chris been rich since he was like 16 (same with rihanna). This is probably a decade of collecting and developing his fashion. Respect for this dude.

Sasha Ferdinand says:

anyone else wondering how he get the sneakers on top?

four1sixRaps says:

This nigga got more shoes than Africa

Sawadu Tabuai says:

bruhh it's lit wish i got that many shoes

Marvin Williams says:

Can you get Travis Scott on the show please

Kevin Moodie says:

wish to see this dude prosper man, hes so artistic

Lamar Jones says:

Dj Khaled called a construction crew for his closet after watching this

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