Colour Pop Fall Collection Lipstick Swatches & Review! | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Colour Pop Fall Collection Lipstick Swatches & Review!

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HEY GUYS! So a little bit of a different video, but I wanted to do this cause I LOVE Colour Pop! I hope this video is helpful and enjoyable! Let me know which shade is your favorite and if you think you’re going to buy any of these! Love you guys!! 🙂 GIVEAWAY WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON MY TWITTER ON SATURDAY!

Check out the Colour Pop collections here -https://colourpop.com/collections/collections

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FTC: This is not a sponsored video! Colour Pop only sent me stuff but did not pay me for this video.


Demi Simpson says:

Do you like the vamps too ???❤️

Eva Taylor says:

Lovebug is literally my favorite I got it and it works with all skin colors

karla villan says:

its so funny how i had notion on my lips lol

Ashley Constance says:

If you apply too much of any of the their lip stuff, you will end up with the same complaints you had! If you wipe off excess when you pull out the wand, it should prevent that. I love their mattes and satins, I have never had a problem with any of them. but everyone is different i guess!

Natalia Aguiluz says:

Literally laughed out loud when you did the kiss test on the purple satin! "You dont want to be kissing anyone with this shade!" ?

Alexa Aguayo says:

All lipsticks look very very stunning on you Jeanine Amapola!?

Zina Gorashi says:

I have viper and it's my favorite matte color that I have from colourpop! It is SOOO gorgeous on medium brown skin! At first I thought it was going to be way too light for brown skin like mine, but when I first put it on it WAS too purple and not what I was looking for, but as it dried I LOVED IT it looked amazing. But keep in mind it's not the same as how it looks on lighter skin tones compared to brown skin, on lighter skin, it's a little dark, but on brown skin it's pretty settle 🙂 ?

VeryVery Jennny says:


Isabella Lucia says:

loved this! I just ordered some of them

ajla porča says:

she is a beatiful

Stefania K says:

omg!! I love all the shades!!! <3

Ashli Leann says:

bruh I had no clue you went to UT. I love like 40 minutes from there ?

mrs mendes says:

i didnt know that to be sponsored u had to send stuff AND pay for the video just to get a mention.. that is so sad

Karalis R says:

I'm obsessed with Times Square!!!!????? UGH such a perfect pink- nude color!

EdasLife says:

Jeanine you and ur videos are my coffee ? Even though I don't drink coffee (only 13) ? you get my day started and HAPPY ?

Ashly Mijangos says:

I love this video!❤??

Adji Diouf says:

On your snap chat you said that the videos you enjoy doing now are the ones that don't get as many views, I personally love the ones that you love to do now and you really just seem happier in them so please keep making them because in the end they're better anyway! Love You <3333

Riley Jones says:

i love all of the out in about

Riley Jones says:

color orange

Fatma Al-Fouzan says:

I loved Lovebug on you!

Karen S says:

Great video and miss ur vlogs ?

tereza miholová says:

Greattt video

Storri Gadau says:

It's really funny how you always pronounce the simplest words wrong and never realize it lol


Times Square!

Iman Hussain says:

Can you do a Huda beauty liquid lipsticks review and swatches video ❤️

Kailin Markham says:

My favorite color is Times Square??

Diana S says:

your voice exactly sounds like the voice of spencer from pll

Lilianna Lewandowska says:

I love Love Bug on you the most ??

Anja B-K says:

I love your beauty videos!

Mc J says:

RIP Jeanine's Lips..

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