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Country Gospel Music – Momma’s Old Song Book

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Kiran singh says:

Very lovely song. I liked it very much.Praise The Lord!

mp2020202 says:

We still do this today 🙂


4 the few lucky ones like me who once lived with the grand moms.


this good sweet old songs have always build my faith strong.

Brenda says:

This song takes me back to my childhood memories of my grandmother and grandfather.They lived on a farm in the mountains of Kentucky,and after supper and the dishes were done we would gather around my grandfather's chair and by the light of an oil lamp for they had no electricity or water in the log cabin.Grandpa would read us stories from the bible,then grandma would take out her song book and we would sing the old hymns Her favorite songs were Grey Speckled Bird,Wayfaring Stanger and Farther Along.Those were the good days.

David Smyth says:

Cub wow 3 woo will who

Janet Little says:

I like this country gospel song.

Orlando zzp says:

Love the song

Jerod Dudik says:

 does anyone know where i can get banjo tab for this song?

Linda Holt says:

This beautiful song has me lifting my hands in praise, with ABSOLUTE JOY! 

Julia Harrell says:

Wow! Doesn't he sound just like Hank Williams?!  Love it!

Douglas Pruitt says:

I like this Song Real Country & Great Gospel

The Loser's Bench with Big Stevie Freeze says:

I love this song. Thanks so much for sharing. It takes me back to singing with my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Learning to harmonize in the hills of Appalachia is something I'll always remember. Now, Granny is gone, grandma has aphasia and can no longer speak but I have the gift of music and a godly heritage to pass on so I am thankful! Thanks again for sharing!

joaquin holman says:

duh seriously i love this type of music

Jacob Harding says:

This is the best song and it tells the truth about heaven

Johnny Sneed says:

Amen, this song just points out how important a good Christian Mom is to all of us. If any one wants any of his music, you can find it all on his web site. I just went to Marvin Morrow, and started searching his site. He has a treasure chest of music for us there. I hope God continues to bless him so that he can continue to bless us with his singing.

amredeem1 says:

Very lovely I love country western gospel

aprimorart says:

Go edit the videos posted , and then captions , then you can correct the errors and put them English with subtitles in many languages ​​if you want to reach other audiences . God bless you

hasan Rock says:

yes that what i need it

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