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Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!

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BEHIND THE SCENES – http://youtu.be/Kj_3JokXZBg
Instagram – RomanAtwood
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Neto Porto (Hells4Children) says:

i want to die

TTCG says:

I wonder… how do they clean it all up after?

Belladona Hanks says:

this is crazy

Jesus loves you! says:

Haha!!! So cool!!! So much to clean, but totally worth it!! Too great! :D

Msp Chloe says:

Can you do slime?

jime Flo (marii) says:

yo ablo otro idioma den like si son igual que yo

Bennn105 says:

January 2017

popcornloliepop3 says:

My dad would KILL me if I did this

Jack Boulton's Epic Channel says:

How many hours did it take to clean it up

Zer0Gravity21 says:

Are those balls… I LIVE BALLS!!!

Anthony Annoreno says:

How many of you guys are under 12

The Red X says:

What is your phone number roman

luli mjara says:

genial mente cope que bnito

luli mjara says:

muy cope


who else has seen this like 1000000 times

Ellie Murdoch says:

82 mill keep it up roman❤ly

Christopher Midberry says:

this video got 962 thousand likes!!

kccatbatthing ??? says:

this was the first vid I watched of you

Edgar Jonatán Arriaga Miranda says:

yyttttgtuuy777 que que. o

the Logan slayers says:

come subscribe need subs

3BooodE Xgamer says:

WTF he you alomost 1mileon like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Sánchez says:

wto is men

EditNotOk says:

Not click bait

SpiralGames says:

The most liked video I ever seen! Like if this is the most liked video you ever seen!

Lance Lombardo says:

Sub to my channel I'll sub back

Terri Meyers says:

were you got all those balls frome

The Gaming Pirate says:

I've always wanted to do this

Vicky Hamby says:

i love watching. your vlogs been watching for 2 years now?

karışık oyunlar says:

bu adam çılgın

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