Daily Kos Founder Gleeful Over Coal Miners Losing Health Insurance | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Daily Kos Founder Gleeful Over Coal Miners Losing Health Insurance

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EvilMonkeyJoe says:

"The Left is not really Left"….. Well, the Russians could have told you that back in 1922. People are vindictive.

peter says:

It is hideous to scapegoat coal miners. Obviously they are not responsible for our situation. They are not responsible for global warming either. Obviously that is policy makers, not people doing the only job their communities support. Their communities need other jobs and only planning and investment can do that.

Republicans are not going to do that, but it is getting harder and harder to tell elitist Democrats from Republicans.

Thor Crowley says:

One of the main thing capitalism teaches is "fuck everyone that is not me"
turns out humans are quite teachable after all, well perhaps trainable is the more accurate term.

andyrihn1 says:

It's called schadenfreude get over it

LeftismIsForFaggots says:

Kulinski I gotta admire you for hitting someone on the left when you believe them to be out of line. I still don't like you, and I don't expect you to give a shit about me not liking you. But I can tell that your beliefs come from a genuine place, and you're not just some partisan hack.

andyrihn1 says:

I actually do get one hell of kick from watching people piss and moan when they get exactly what they pushed for (ie feminists who have to pay alimony or Republicans who are surprised when the defecit gets out of control and the economy crashes). I laughed when the idiots who backed Hilary in the primaries had their souls crushed on election night. If Hilary had won the general I'd laugh my ass off when her supporters find themselves out of a job and stuck in endless wars. Eventually Trump supporters will realize they backed someone who was going to fuck them anyway and I'll laugh when they start complaining.

TheApartment839 says:

Yeah, and this is why Trump is going to get a second term, Dems.


first time i've strongly disagreed with you,dude. usually you're spot on. they are people who'd happily smack a bottle from a baby's mouth.

Sikes deCarlos says:

trump is gonna fuck them hard. racist inbreds

Daniel Pappan says:

Democrats are as racist and ignorant to truth as the Republicans are. In this day and age we live in if you are apart of either party you are fundamentally against America becoming a better place by putting the interest of your party ahead of the interest of the American public that you want your party to "serve" (although most mean dictate)

user 15481 says:

it's not a thought crime. They don't want health insurance and they voted to not have health insurance so they got what they voted for. They are happy. why not be happy for them?

phoenixwing50 says:

You guys in the comments are a bunch of losers.

Karabetter says:

I completely agree with Kyle against dailykos.. I used to buy into the dailykos propaganda last year, until I started to realize they were trashing the views of Bernie Sanders and trying to ignore the success he was having. They started asking "rigged" opinion polls that only favored hill-pill. I finally realized they were only democratic establishment hacks funneling contributions into the dws wing of the dnc. And now, I respond to all their solicitation emails with my finger.

kevin shaughnessy says:

the dumb inbred fucks voted for it. who the fuck cares if they feel the consequences of their actions. we arent the ones taking away their health insurance, we wanted to make their insurance better. their stupidity isnt our fault.

orpheus kingstone says:

exactly, we need to understand where the frustration comes from and stop hating people just because we disagree with them.

Leo Layne says:

This is why Independents are becoming stronger and stronger every day!

baba baba says:

I mean people in the comments saying how they deserved it but fail to realize that if they voted for Hillary Clinton their situation wasn't getting better either. They were kinda of in a lose lose.

bayani69 says:

I think that the difference between democrats and republicans is that we democrats (or liberals) vote to try to benefit everybody, whereas republicans vote to help themselves. Which is the case with the miners. They knew that millions of people would lose their health insurance because of a Trump victory and didn't care, did they care that hundreds of thousands of women will lose their right to reproductive health because of a Trump victory? did they care that millions of people will suffer from the effects of global warming thanks to a Trump victory? I don't rejoice knowing that they are going to suffer, I voted against Trump to try to prevent this, they voted for Trump not caring that other people would suffer as a consequence of their vote. I agree with some of the comments, some people only learn the hard way, unfortunately some people will never learn.

craig robb says:

vote for me, i know where you live……

dandiehl1948 says:

until enough people understand that the GOP are out to fuck everybody nothing will change – fuck em, they need to lose health insurance and everything else

Cultural Marxist says:

stupid liberals we should all care about the suffering of the working class, even if they are stupid. Do u honestly think voting for clinton was a better option for coal miners?

domari nolo says:

I don't feel badly for what is about to happen during the Trump era. Our country collectively deserves the punishment about to be imposed upon us. The public stupidity has come home to roost.

Brett PGH says:

I love this show, and typically agree with Kyle on most things. But not so much this time. No, I'm not wishing ill on anyone. But when people are choosing to support something that only hurts them….

"Don't touch that stove, it's hot."
"Fuck you dummy! I'll do what I want!"
gets burned
Sorry, just not able to drum up a lot of sympathy here.

GADefence says:

Dailykos is shit.
I was on there for a while, and at one point, I gave up.
When I discovered they could cry bully you and mass flag you to "temporary ban" you, I went "Ok, fuck this."

k3v1n47 says:

Well he is the asshole who was kicking off "Bernie Bros" off of the site during the primaries.

 They were so sure Hillary was gonna win in the general! They were with her! They were Stronger together! They were clapping loud with odd smiles on their faces. "one of us..one of us…" they said.

I used to love the dailykos…then I realized that they were cunts. And stopped. Huffingtonpost too. We are done.

Bullet Craft says:

I'm gonna have to disagree with Kyle on this one. These people not only had "bad beliefs" but they voted on their beliefs and now they receive get the according policies.
They got what they voted for. It's democracy at play so why not celebrate them getting what they want?
Maybe next time they'll vote with their brains.

Brandon Smith says:

In the news today Republicans once again voted to have a limb amputated due to it being their right to be able to do so. Those poor babies.

uncle Petra says:

hal jordan is right

uncle Petra says:

i agree with hermit and im green party hey you get what you deserve

kingofthemix says:

Great to see how people that describe themselves as "liberal" actually don't have a clue about proper liberal enlightenment values.

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