Drake – God’s Plan (Official Music Video) | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Drake – God’s Plan (Official Music Video)

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Fernando Augusto says:

And they whishing on me!

K-K Bottaccio says:

Respect ✏✏

Luan Barcelos says:

simplesmente um Deus 😡

Manolis Katsoulis says:

LIKE 👍🎶🎧🔊👑👑. LIKE

Harvey Percival says:

I hope all niggers die

Kumardash Agrim says:

He is good😃

Ragnar Smith says:

So…him saying "might go down as G-O-D" is straight blasphemy. I'm just saying…

Brett Jackson says:

Much respect for Drake making a difference in people lives. Dude has a big heart!

Rose Brice says:

“ tryna keep it peaceful as a strawberry “ 0:53

Young Like says:

Я один здесь русский?

Oliver Wright says:

Shaksta, that would be sad.

Jonathan Isidoro says:

drake look like dj kalid if he was skinny

Oliver Wright says:

Yo Drake, God's real plan is you!

pie boy vlogs says:

if people was told to give 1mill away most whould keap it and thats the sad truth

Stephanie Mendoza says:

Drake is so nice and I’m grateful that he so generous if I had a million of dollars I will give it to people that need it like drake did this makes me cry for joy that there’s people out here that love others and wanna help them out I’m so amaze at him 😫🤞🤞😍😍💪😊💗😢😃

Nicolas Cardenas says:

2:19 Just press it….

ChantelGomez says:

you are helpful

Leonard Ngwa says:

A million likes

Chris Choi says:

Lol he buys stuff for ppl at th 99 cent store

キースTW1TCHY says:

3:12 :3

Jasmine Rojas says:

I hate DRAKE but I like his songs

Edwin Flores says:

Drakes an amazing guy man

MentleGentlemen says:

3:41 🙂

Funniest Gamer says:

I love you drake finally a rape who is not talking about my girl just cheated on me or anything else god bless you you meet alot to me your mom raise you good
My dad left me I was sad and all I had was my mom and siblings but now as I watched this video because he can just leave you just like that thanks drake and I just love you

Katelyn Anna Palermo says:

your a good guy drake

Phumelele Ntuli says:

Who's the guy in the beginning?… 0:33

Ronald Gist says:

God's plan Rocks!

Gavin Jeffries says:

Rasict where are all the other races

Vihkol says:

Just copied a vid still got 55mil sad

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