Drake – One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla) | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Drake – One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla)

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Dedicated to Ronnie… RIP x

Completely produced by me!!

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Gabby Smith says:

How he hit the drumsticks made him a way better artist

Sanaa Hajj says:

he's a real artist look at at his attitudes and facial expression when he's singin Im a new fun :D

Ameliaparks says:

omg i love his voice

xx-yolo-xx says:

kys fag lol I want to die

stars wesam says:

Excuse my friends Are you aware of all the musical instruments that exist with him and do you respond graduate program Alaptob Belize detail ???

H8ED Ace says:

Is that Celine Dion? Holy shit that woman can sing

Steph says:

Love love her voice

Levi Collins (Lev) says:

Love his attitude!

Josh Wilson says:

This is litter. If a slow melody sounded better on this sound rather than Drakes autotune, the Drake would have done that. Not every song sounds better with a better singer, y'all shit prods

Maria Star says:

Favorite so far

FuncyLP_TV says:

soooooo schön

powerlines 14 says:

Your voice is a work of art that just gets better and better with each cover. Luv your covers better than the originals

Harry Dylan says:

i love your songs cuz they're so chil?

‫سجاد ابو الشوش‬‎ says:


Jodi Miller says:


Tag min et Mister D says:

This is the girl who spoil everything


Love it !!!!!!!!

Cookie Lover says:

Everything was nice until she came in with her wannabe Shakira voice….??

Ami Sugg says:

She sounds like Shakira

Top daily fights 2016 says:

Who got that goose

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