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Drake – Too Much (feat Sampha)

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Too Much is the 12th track from Drake 3rd studio Album – “Nothing Was the Same”.

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Raul Lopez says:

When ur waiting for her reply but u never send out the message…??

Kxng L.u.c.s says:

When you leave the oreo in the milk for to long when you take it out it falls back in

William Bautista says:

When you just don't care about life anymore

Ivan Morales says:

Drake hasn't sounded this hungry since

Lupo Red Chong says:

When you want to fuck and your girl fall asleep lol

Brian P. says:

I play this when im sad.

ForeverFlyEnt says:

When you slide in her DM's and she reads it but doesn't respond.

ForeverFlyEnt says:

When she tries to pass you off to her fat friend because she really wasn't interested.

ForeverFlyEnt says:

When you find out she really wanted your homie who was at the club with you the night she gave you the number.

Noot Noot Dragon Fruit says:

When you hear rap monsters version of this song

jon andrews says:

2K18 and this song still good.

Tamya lewis says:

I got a 36% on something in school and we have 2 weeks of this quarter left so I'm here today

Edwin Perez says:

Still my favorite song from the album

KxngTundrix says:

When you die from fall damage in fortnite ?

Ellis Scott says:

up at 4 A.M missing my ex like..

meech117dw says:

When you smoked yo last blunt and you out of money for cigarettes

xolani dube says:

2018 still here ?

Malachi Stack says:

who here in 2018?

Sergio Zuniga says:

Met a lot of girls in my times there, word to Paul Wall, not one fronted #shoutouttexas

Sergio Zuniga says:

#2018 coming from a 90s bby "writing to u from a distance but we been down" fav song from any album #facts

Wandile Duma says:

When you wonder what happened to this Drake

Aaron Rodriguez says:

when it hit you that its been so many years since you was in high school…. all grown up

mannyamato7171 says:

Issa hit?

Sariah Toste says:

When you realize this was 5 years ago. ..sigggghhhhhhhhhhhh

Kellvon Littlejohn says:

I love this song so much and my name is dennisa

Reesey Haenga says:

when ur fwb but u love him and want a role in his life so because u love him so u let him use you because it's better than not having him.

Prabat Rai says:

I love this song

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