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Drake – Trust Issues

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Trust Issues (Official Audio)


Produced by Adrian X & Noah “40” Shebib


Realove says:

All you women who love Drake, he doesn't trust you because of your gender. But you probably know that you're suspicious af anyway

shana siva says:

anyone here in 2017?

Thick AssNetta says:

Still jammin 2017 still can't trust em!!!! Same bitch u knew back then!!!

Grace Addis says:

Still here in 2017

Illest City says:

I don't even fuck wit Drake's music but this shit slaps! #YouKnowWhatImSippin

Perry breezy says:

Why can't I buy this on iTunes 😫

Christina Hodgen says:

his shit is dope af

Christina Hodgen says:

Drake is just pure and I love it

Shawn Thornton says:

my shit bring back memories

wrozay says:

This is a classic

Dpd I Challenges I Funny moments I Vlogs and more says:

Drake the only nigga that could turn a verse into a hook

rajko15 says:

His best songs, to me, were when he had 2 verses of singing followed by a verse of rapping. Drake featuring Drake. He doesn't do that anymore.

rajko15 says:

When he switched his flow at the end of 2013, he just changed. I get why he did it but still. He also became too rich and famous so it was hard for him to make music that's relatable to the average person anymore. It sucks but the good thing is that music is timeless.

Search and destroy says:

scump liked this vid

Chase Cameron says:

The feeeeeels man

FlyBoy Dill says:

Drake stole his own shit for im on one

Rgs For Life says:

My ex "bestfriend" just dumped me so this is my choice of song to cry to.

James says:

this beat tho!

Guizzudo Craft says:

Put on Spotify

Donovan Greathouse says:

drake sucks!!!!! listen to logic for once

Andrew Gerold says:

Drizzy is a goat

kinan aljazi says:

speed up to 1.25 and youll get a good trap beat, an epic track. thank me later

pajamas for life says:

The weekends version is better

AliceLindsay Williams says:

I like this song

Miguel Estrada says:

Kirko Bangz Play me drake u suck

Ana C Fonseca says:

Wtf its not on Spotify 😭😭😭

June Pottage says:

how tf did this song not make it onto take care

Bethany Derby says:

My favorite Drizzy song.

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