Drake’s 30th Birthday Party Drama | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Drake’s 30th Birthday Party Drama

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There was some major drama at Drake’s 30th birthday party. Ian Drew gives us the inside scoop.


michael taylor says:

word on the street is jons got the biggest d@&k in hollywood!!

Samuel Howard says:

That's scary how this dude knows all this shot bout Demi.

My Gmail Personal Choices says:

DEMI! What are you thinking! Please don't do this to yourself

janos nemeth says:

wendy you looks like a fucking ugly monkey your plastic surgery went terrible  wrong is it???

Shay A says:

In my opinion, the next man a woman gets with after a break up defines how she feels about herself.

Eunice Katushabe. says:

the guy can bore……thought u guys had detailed info ov drake

Charli Gunz says:

Don't bring him back Wendy. He is wack

thandie Que says:

pls Wendy don't invite this guy again bad reporter takes time to explain things

Diana Dima says:

Finally someone who's prepared to answer Wendy's questions of basic facts about the story….

mariah carey says:

Dear john don't you think she's too young?

T Roxy Love says:

wendy just cut him off and kept interrupting …. omg sometimes just ket other ppl talk , he had more to say

wintermoto12 says:

rolls eyes 'cuz no one gives a damn about John Mayer Drake turned 30. Rih wasn't there, due to scheduling. It was an intimate (by Hollywood standards) party.

azzzi F says:

Ian is soo annoying, dragging out a shitty story.

T axr says:

wendy does not remember

jay w says:

Wendy was so uninterested in the John Mayer mess?

Gio Aarons says:

Why is he saying Demi's name like that?

lady zaza says:

I love your short hair ..very beautiful ..looks better on you than long hair

Beth Marie says:

Is John Mayer everyones rebound guy!!??

Chemistry8254 says:

I'm on here, because I LOVE DRAKE! I Love his hot sexy red a-s, to infinity! Someday i'll have a man of my own like Drake someday….Stay Tune

Ocean Dabney says:

OMG No wonder I don't watch crap like this
They r trying to make something out of nothing

Adore Asi 101 says:

demi Lovato outfit looks purple not so close up but you'll see its actually like a gold color when they zoomed in

bigjayking24 says:

I don't know what woman in their right mind would STILL give that creep John Mayer a chance to get with them. Sheesh! We ALL know what type of guy he is by now. Cmon now. SMH!

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