Draymond Green ROASTS Drake, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry’s Clothes | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Draymond Green ROASTS Drake, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry’s Clothes

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It was only Kevin Durant’s first game back since his knee injury, and he’s already back to getting an earful from teammate Draymond Green. This time, it was about his fashion sense, or lack thereof. KD wasn’t alone, however, as Draymond took time to put both Steph Curry and Drake on blast as well.

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Hilda Perry says:

bout have a threesome on da couch

kai elk says:

toooooooo bad the jazz went and ended that streak lol

Yea im Savage says:

This Nigga drake sat on the couch with his legs crossed 😂

Pop Jones says:

Drake straight up gay there's nothing to discuss

Robotface25 says:

Do u guys see the clown in the beginning under the word fumble on the left

FreeBandzzzz67 says:

Afreakinlemon – 1-555-Blind . Search that

Rain Drops says:

Drake is a fag.. what grown ass man sit Indian style & eat??? Looking like he about to have girl talk and shit…

vincent hill says:

Steph better watch Drake, he trying to get at Aiesha.

Caleb Butters says:

I've never heard someone make 2 dimes sound good for a point guard

James Christian says:

Draymond was roasted cause of his shot form before

Clevelandboy25 Jones says:

This nigga Drake ain't slick….he tryna push up on Ayesha…he grimmey like that honestly…he sees that Steph is the passive aggressive type so he won't say ntn In regards to it…he tried that shit wit puffy and caught a mean ass (misunderstanding) -puffy's words……but shit man I don't expect Steph to check Drake and beat his ass…..he can't even hold on to a damn 3-1 lead

Kinny Boy Few says:

I dont give a damn about no damn Drake night


I only came to see if it was Britt this time but as soon as I saw Ty I left

Meongzky Villarta says:

Lovely! Is Miss Congeniality now a host of a Sports segment?

Lionel Lynch says:

Drake better get his stank ass feet off the couch

Antonio Bates says:

i know Drake not sitting indian style like an lil kid in kindergarten

Antonio Bates says:

Drake is the type nigga that cry if no one laugh at his jokes 😂😂

lassseerrr yah says:

You look gorgeous as usual ty 😉

Trace On says:

Drake cris cross Apple sauce on Steph's Couch 😂😂😂

King MJ says:

Drake the type of nigga to sit criss cross applesauce on another grown mans couch 😂 L

VKH 100 says:

Ayesha fat ass fuckin drake on the low in a wheel chair

TGudda says:

Bruh why Drake sitting criss cross apple sauce lmao!!!

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