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Here are my empties from the month of March ’17. If you want more info on a product, comment below and I’ll send it your way!

I absolutely LOVE watching empties videos, so I am obsessed with making them myself! Let me know in the comments if you make empties videos…I would LOVE to watch! 😉

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**All these products were purchased by me unless otherwise stated in this video. These are my true honest thought and opinions about the products mentioned**


Jude Marchant says:

I love seeing my blackheads removed! I think most girls do!

Vicky W says:

Trash talk !

Melisa Moreland says:

thanks for the share. gotta admit when I first saw these empties videos thght they were crazy but after watching them decided it could be helpful. 🖒❤🕯

Gina Schweppe says:

Love lush too!!!

Sergii 101 says:

first time watching your empties video and I loved it !!💛🖒

Judy Carroll says:

Great review!

LW6643 says:

Awesome reviews!! Tfs:)

Carolyn Durbin says:

Thanks for sharing. I love your channel. Ever tried DT laundry soap?

Shoot the Shit says:

Yay you used up a lot of products❤️️awesome video ❤️

Natty Read says:

would you ever consider doing a video on how to start couponing? i would like to start but have no clue where. love your videos ❤❤

Neci Bennett says:

Mrs. Nichole, I absolutely LOVE you. Your videos have helps me save so much money and motivated me to start my own stock pile to live off of for my 6month old baby girl, husband, mom, sister and myself. You've helped me get threw a few products and not waste them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your empties!!! God bless you and your beautiful family!!

The Guilfords says:

I lovee these videos!! I just filmed my first one a couple days ago. Videos like these motivate me to finish/use products instead of neglecting them. Hahaha. Have a good day. 🙂

Teresa De Wolfe says:

Enjoy the review videos. tfs

Mistie Just Living The Dream says:

I love love love the purex crystals. They smell amazing! Didn't like the luminous oils as a body wash. Was too thick for me.

LemonadeMom says:

I have just started watching Empties videos and am hooked!

Stevi Lorenz says:

The Urban Decay Afterglow blushes are on sale at Ulta right now FYI 😉

Planner Palooza says:

Love it….as always!!!!!

Kelsy Richardson says:

I used the coconut version (supposed to be hydrating) of the Yes To paper face masks and it burned my skin, as well. I had to cut the mask between the nose and mouth because it was laying on my lips and it burned like crazy! I let it sit on my face for the full 10 minutes and then patted my face dry. My face was so soft and smooth the next morning! Always love your videos.

Jackie Tilley says:

Love your videos! I totally agree with your review on the Mad Lash mascara… we received from ipsy, i def, recommend as well.

Alissa Self says:

Great video! I love watching and make empties videos. So fun! TFS!

Dee Rodriguez says:


Jeff SavesWithCoupons says:

Great video. That 30 minutes went by super fast cuz you are a joy to watch 😊 I lost count how many times you said my jam lol but hey thats your catch phrase and it's super cute 😊

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