(Face Reveal!) iPad Air 2 Late Review 2017 – iOS 10 – Is it still worth it? | Poris Radio - VIDEO

(Face Reveal!) iPad Air 2 Late Review 2017 – iOS 10 – Is it still worth it?

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In this video, I answer the question: “Is the iPad Air 2 still worth it in 2017?”


Param Aggarwal says:

Respect to you man. Great work. Also, very good idea of reviewing older devices – this is a genuine thing we buyers want to hear about…

impooser says:

Your review is extremely good and scientific. Thanks for this vid!

LiWingYu says:

Excellent video, man. I'm considering either an Air 2 or a 9.7" Pro for iOS music production so performance REALLY IS a critical factor for me. I saw another video comparing the a9x processor to the a8x but there was only like a half second lag. I don't know if you tested music apps on your iPad but could there be any lag in that field?

Brendan Hoffmann says:

Just got one of these, 128gb, was upgrading from air 1, 32gb. I only really got it because I was sick of the small storage of my old one. Was so amazed at the pice for 128gb, only $500.

Allan P. says:

Carrrrl!! Thank you for the review. Very useful.

nicky larson (City Hunter) says:

Good video

Metin Baydemir says:

Hi,Mr.Harold Finch :D

OGArchmagusX69 says:

i have the ipad pro 9.7 im a former air 2 owner i love both myself i just wanted the newest ipad at the time

Michael Donegan says:

It kinda feels like a parody video.

Paul Rumble says:

Love the iPad 2. The only thing I don't like is finger prints glue to the screen so good luck getting them off, and they seem to show up more when watching video compared to other devices I've used.

cloned81 says:

Conclusion at 12:44

ujwalagarwal199 says:

nice video. i like your videos. and the reasons you gave for the late reviews are spot on! keep up the good work. wish u a very happy new year and all the very best for the future. :)

Seif Eddine B says:

There is a problem with your review, i can't imagine you've never been frustrated by this iPad, at least once in its lifetime! The drawbacks dude, there should be some? What do you hate about it?

anthoni Haus says:

How long will it get iOS updates?

DvdXploitr says:

My mom just bought an iPad Air 2…..she was in the market for a new tablet. She was looking at a Samsung S2 for $399 but I told her Best Buy had an iPad Air 2 for $399, both were 32GB, both have the same size screen….the main reason I told her to go with the iPad Air 2 over the Samsung was because she is already familiar with iOS since she has already owned an iPad….I'm sure the Samsung tablet would have been great as well, but with my mom, it's best for her to stick with what she's familiar with b/c I am 400 miles away and can't be there to show her how to do this and that..she came from an iPad 2….HUGE upgrade

Ahmed Kassem says:

Great review. It will be great to change different backgrounds songs and try to make your review less than ten minutes but over all i watch your video till the end.

nicegoodspeed1 says:

Watching this video on iPad Air 2. 😀 yes, the battery of this device is a beast.

Thobtech T says:

yes it is

Jabulani Harvey says:

honest re

Gaurav Rupani says:

Good review……keep it up

1bcsurvivor says:

How to clean cache on iPad 2 air ??

EasyAndroid Tutorials says:

That big ass booger

Héctor Arredondo Durán says:

I just got an ipad air 2 128 gb. Thanks for the video. It was good.

KaiserFailed says:

your review was informative, succinct, and kind of soothing? at least your voice Is lol

thanks! was contemplating picking one up on eBay!

Gone in 60 says:

Haha, this review came at an amazing time. My mother's old android tablet (Asus Memopad) is pretty much dead after 4 years, and I was in the market to get her a new 9.7+inch replacement. I'm looking to shift her over to iOS due to a greater ease of use and apps that are better optimized for tablets. The other major reason is that outside of a few high end flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Google Pixel C, the Android market feels pretty stagnant and slowly dying, outside of 7-8 inch tablets.

The iPad Air 2 seems like the best option, but the only thing that worries me is the fact that it was introduced over 2 years ago, and while iOS 10 runs smoothly on it now, can we say the same for the next update?

And like you mentioned, I really don't have that kind of money to spring for the 9.7 pro, an extra $250. But seeing a review of the Air 2 in 2017 gives me some confidence that this device should be good for at least another 2 years. Despite my fear of obsolescence and its questionable lifecycle, I think the Ipad may be the best option here. Thoughts?

Btw, great channel! The production is pretty good and I like the content. And when I encounter that, that's a sub for me. Hmm, the only feedback I have might be to modulate the background music or your speaking volume so that they mesh better, as sometimes they clash. I do like that you use BGM, as videos with only speech can be kinda awkward.

BreakingDimes 0_0 says:

My air 2 is two years old and it still runs like a champ

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