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Fake Product Reviews with Lemmy at RevZilla.com

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Fake Product Reviews with Lemmy: Who gave this guy keys to the studio? Lemmy, the resident Harley guru here at RevZilla, has been wanting to branch out and try his hand at other product reviews for some time now. He even convinced HVB that it would be a good idea! How he pulled it off we may never know, but one thing is for sure – it is somehow perplexingly inaccurate, yet mesmerizingly fantastic all at once.


NEF4RI0US 6 says:

It blue tooth, blue ray, ykk zips,

Isaac Alvarado says:

OH. HAHAHA. MY GOD HAHA. I could not pick a more perfect video than to try this out. I read a comment where a guy slowed the video to .5 and said Lenny sounds drunk. He could not be anymore correct.

Tegan Lewis says:

Lmfao! I love you Lemmy!!! You’re my favorite to watch. Keep it up

SalemCBR says:

A hood is easily the most important feature when riding a motorcycle.

SalemCBR says:

OMG! I love this!

Jesse LeFranc says:

fits small foxes killed

Andrew Trapani says:


Max Prytyka says:

"A hood is easily the most important piece of protective equipment you can wear on a motorcycle… No doubt about it!" ??

Forrest Culver says:

"I like my toast a little dark, luckily there's a knob in there for that."
? Lemmy, you're a knob

Davy Pig says:

I just watched this again, first time about a year ago. This stuff is hilarious:)love all the videos!!

Tar Snake says:

Bwahahahaha that was the best thing I've seen on YouTube in a while.

Austin Pohl says:

do they get sued for this?

Noah Herne says:

you're killing me smalls! lmao

Todd Riddle says:

LMAO!!!  'nuff said

HKMediaChicago says:

This guy seriously deserves an award. Awesome

Laura Gillis says:

a hahaha! funny shit??

steevo savage says:

Lemmy! This is gold! Laughed my ass off.

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