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Festive Favourites! Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

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Merry Christmas everyone! Links to everything I mention below:

Sweater I’m wearing: http://bit.ly/2hV1HiJ

Burberry lipstick in Parade Red (US): http://bit.ly/2hUMRsC
Burberry lipstick in Parade Red (UK): http://bit.ly/2grqw2A

MAC Cherry Lip Liner (US): http://bit.ly/2is0EUs
MAC Cherry Lip Liner (UK): http://bit.ly/2iseBlg

Marc Jacobs Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (US):
Marc Jacobs Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (UK): http://bit.ly/2hV1qfQ

Smith & Cult Nail Polish Kundalini (US): http://bit.ly/2iscbmT
Smith & Cult Nail Polish Kundalini (UK): http://bit.ly/2hV2W1D

Smith & Cult Nail Polish Shattered Souls (US): http://bit.ly/2hUXwng
Smith & Cult Nail Polish Shattered Souls (UK): http://bit.ly/2hV25hx

Estee Lauder Eye Cream (US): http://bit.ly/2hUWA28
Estee Lauder Eye Cream (UK): http://bit.ly/2hUQJdd

Kate Somerville Exfolikate (US): http://bit.ly/2isa6HJ

Boscia Foot Peel: http://bit.ly/2hUZ5Bq

Red drop earrings (restocked!): http://bit.ly/2hUWQ0X

UGG Gloves (US – not available online, similar here): http://bit.ly/2hV0vvZ
UGG Gloves (UK – on sale in chestnut!): http://bit.ly/2is3h8W
UGG Gloves (UK – black): http://bit.ly/2hUX5ZX

Blank NYC Biker Jacket: http://bit.ly/2is1C32

Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots (US): http://bit.ly/2h7UTxx
Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots (UK): http://bit.ly/2icU2JA

Tory Burch Perry Tote (not available online anymore!)

Givenchy Antigona (US – similar): http://bit.ly/2hUVe7D
Givenchy Antigona (UK – in size small): http://bit.ly/2is3MzM


Link Love:

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Duygu Kartum says:

I just love your style ❤

Jasminka Dundovic says:

I don't go for pedis either. I just don't trust them, there are always stories about how unhygienic they are. so I do my own. I have to try this peel you recommended. But the website you provided isn't working…It doesn't matter, they might not have it in Australia anyways. Have to search for another brand….Merry Christmas to you and tanks you for your videos, always love them

C.K. June says:

loved the video amie. ?

lulu13hb says:

Lovely items!?

Athena says:

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year Amie!

amy sultan says:

Have an amazing Christmas amie..

Cats Berry says:

I've been using Estee Lauder's ANR line for years now and they're really the best! 🙂 Happy Holidays from the Philippines :)

rosecolouredglasses says:

Most K-beauty companies have a version of foot peel booties, and I've tried a no-name suspiciously cheap one and it worked really well. I suggest going to Chinatown or a Chinese/Asian grocer for a budget version.

Kathleen Liza Soriano says:

Merry Christmas to you greetings from Manila,Philippines..

c sikomas says:

Merry Christmas from Calgary, Alberta, Canada where we are enjoying a dump of snow and -17 celsius! I agree on the nails comment, so expensive to keep them up. With hair and clothes, shoes, bags, coats work and play clothes, fitness gear, travel, makeup and going out with friends, there is never enough money to also do the nails, and the pedicures become once a year for a very special occasion. On nails, I find that I can't get a manicure to last more than a day, that is the day I do it and the next and after that I've got chipped polish which is really annoying. I have tried base coat, no base coat, 2 thin layers, one layer and a top coat and not a top coat and it's always the same. Then there is the mess of taking off the polish if its a bright color, stains your fingers. Same for the pedicure, which lasts longer but what a mess to take off polish and do myself. I wish there was a more natural product, that looked as good as a french manicure and lasted for 5 working days….one of the simplest things I've found is the INSTADRY in a very light, sparkly beige for both toes and nails. Two quick coats…at least its fast, it's not as obvious when its chipped and easy to touch up the manicure. I use this for my toes, one coat, then in 3 days another coat, and then I run with it for 2 weeks. That's the best I've found. If you, or your audience know about DIY manicure / pedicure tricks please share! Thanks for all your favs, I love that plum jacket, you really wore that well and I love purples and pinks with brown so your new SW highlands will be a great switch! I would love to see you find more of a gingham, peasant style floaty dress that covers the tops of those boots, styled with the brown SW boots, kind of a bohemian vibe….Anyways, thanks for the fun vid. Merry Christmas again, to you and all your family and loved ones….c xx

jasmine 1Q84 says:

Hey Amie, noticed your older videos are appearing under "Best Work Totes" instead of your name. Any reasons why?

Maria Jamison says:

Wonderful favorites. Merry Christmas to you

Geraldine McCormack says:

Hi Amie,great video.I have the Boscia facial oil which I love.Got it in the states but cannot find a boscia stockist in europe if anyone can help!!!.Happy

monkichi3 says:

i love foot peel mask too! i don't go for pedicure either as i dislike it when they 'shave off' the skin around the heel area.
have a Merry Christmas, Amie!

Life of a Luxaholic says:

If you can't find the Boscia foot peel check out Baby Foot. I buy mine from Amazon and it does the exact same thing as the Boscia foot peel. It's amazing!!

Walkinmyshoes says:

Merry Christmas! In case people are interested, the Highlands in Taupe are on sale for GBP 395! Just got a pair : ))

Chloe Gao says:

Merry Christmas~ you look so good in the kisskiss bangbang ????

Joanna Rice says:

Merry Christmas Amie Xx I love your jumper. What size is it? Xxx

Beauty by Kaja says:

I've wanted to try ExfoliKate for such a long time but the current formula contains microplastics (polyethylene)! Should change in 2017 though, since the US has (thankfully) banned microplastics in cosmetics. I recommend the exfoliator from Lancer if you're looking for something you can get in the UK, and also without microplastics. Absolutely love it!

Also, if you have dryness around your eyes I highly recommend The Eye Concentrate from La Mer. It's my number one beauty product and I really can't live without it! Pricey, but so worth it and it lasts a long time. Their Eye Balm Intense is also amazing, but richer so I don't like applying make-up on top.

Merry Christmas, technically from Newbury, but let's say from Norway, and a happy new year! Can't wait to see what videos you have in store for next year.

Jennifer Lu says:

I really like the Burberry Red lipstick. Where did you buy it?

furnaz says:

eeeek i love this. I just bagged myself a pair of Stuart Weitzman lowland boots in tan suede. so excited!! Merry Xmas xxx

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