Frozen – Elsa & Anna Funny Memorable Moments | Poris Radio - VIDEO

Frozen – Elsa & Anna Funny Memorable Moments

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Frozen – Elsa & Anna Funny Memorable Moments
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firever kawai says:

Elsa 😠? 🐥

Disney Park Toys says:

So cute! One of our favorite movies!

Poon Studio says:

Do you wana to build a snowman <3

Lars Peeters says:

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Charcoal Chicken says:

11:18 me when my little brother's friends come into my room

Denia Lopez says:

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yocaira Paulino says:

Elsa eres mi fan

yocaira Paulino says:

te amo mucho mucho más fácil

Mehisy Chavarria says:


Kawaiibellydancers/maddie/dolly/tilly Sexy says:

Bfjskgksh has to work for me babe I’m not good at doing it babe I love you and I’ll see babe you know I


Am I the only one who actually like Anna more than Elsa? She is cutter both physically and mentally, she learnt her lesson and she was developed as a character throughout her journey. Not to mention that she saved her sister's life. So yeah! Anna is more of a heroic character than Elsa, the supposed strong female model for girls, who spent almost the entire of the film by hiding and whining!

Kuwait Kuwait says:

I love Elsa and Anna

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