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Funniest Baby Vines

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galaxygirl 480 says:

is it weird that the kid on the slip n slide might be my cousin

Fernando Gudino says:

1:05 starts clapping wow! WOW! Good job best mom in the world 2017 oh u go girl XD
2:50 couldn't stop laughing XD

Quy 调整 says:

ko hay mà phim tíu

anthony Grimaldo says:

the first 30 seconds were rude

Zury Guzman says:


Coral Caballero says:

see one of uor videos

HeezQ says:

2:54 – Oh, yea!!!

jayjay7386 says:

Let me do an Everything Wrong With Funniest Baby Vines, but COMMENT version! (Baby Clips Daily, please tell me if i'm allowed to do this.) (There will be a CRUD ton of sins.)(sorry if this is gonna be a dumb everything wrong with)
Starting off with,
0:20 That girl needs to look where she's going.
0:43 Did his arm just get burned by the candles?
1:08 I thought she'd get the doll back in the stroller (is it a stroller?) But I don't know why she didn't care.
1:11 That…….is………………disgusting.
1:33 That's a horrible idea to do in golf INSIDE OF THE HOUSE.
1:52 Of course she would get completely freaked out by that.
1:58 That doesn't count as counting up the hoop spins.
2:03 Did that just tilt, so it would hit the little kid? Thats a bit painful.
2:57 So this little girl was trying to feel the water, but that time she let go of that thing so the thing would stop? I would do the different thing.
3:04 That's not a very…good…..aim to jump in the pool.
3:07 How did the arrow/dart go back the other direction so it would hit him in the face this way?
3:17 You were not even on the slide so you fell down backwards like this? Quite painful, or so. just saying.
3:20 Hey look! It's the thumbnail video! I think I'm gonna take away a sin from that one.
3:27 Little kid, You thought there was a box behind you so you would try and do this to make you dirty like this? There wasn't, silly.
3:34 This is going back to Sin 1. flashback that still counts as a sin.
3:39 Were you wondering what that would do? So you would do this then the thing would cover you like that?
3:48 That's the wrong spot for the trampoline thingy so that would lead you to a bit of pain in the face.
3:58 I think I saw this video in a savage 112% video.
4:13 He was not looking where he was backing up so he would fall down into the dog bowl (the water bowl)? The clothes got wet so maybe the baby needs to change clothes.
4:20 Why would she stop writing on it?
4:25 I think you were making bad choices like how I almost got in trouble.
4:33 Splash of whatever thing in the face by squeezing it too hard? Maybe should have needed a napkin close to the face.
4:42 Wow, you are about as Bendy as me.
4:48 My guess would be John Doe in Roblox.
4:54 Did that feel like a pain in the head?
4:57 Of course I would not invade his privacy while he's doing his thing.
5:12 This is going back to sin 3. flashback This little boy doesn't care either?
5:165:21 How is this even a savage video at the end of that vine video?
5:38 That baby laugh was a bit evil, to be honest.
6:02 Back to 1st sin again. flashback But it's with a family singing it, and the BOY was not looking.
6:22 How'd that even hurt that much?
6:40 …………………. No idea what to say about this one. Still counting a sin.
6:46 You can't EAT the wish, silly ya gotta BLOW it! Also that looks pretty disgusting as Sin 4.
7:21 Why did you cough on the baby?
7:27 Why would you kick Snoopy?
7:40 That looks a bit painful.
7:52 Why would you get mad at the recorder because the blocks fell on you THEMSELVES?
8:06-7 That's a bit painful to hurt your own mother like that.
8:38 What was that on the tape measure?
8:45 This is going back to sin 18. flashback But it's with the boy falling into that box thing behind him.
8:51 ? Why is the illuminati song here? That doesn't count as the illuminati.
8:58 That is super painful to your own father's head, little girl.
9:04 I think I saw this video with the thumbnail (not the one in the funniest baby vines) in SOME try not to laughs.
9:15 Already broke it? Didn't that count?
10:01 How is the boy in the gray hoodie scared of hugs?
10:09 This is going back to Sin 32. flashback No idea what to say about this one either.
10:21 Another flashback… to sin 20. flashback This girl in this sin at 10:21 was trying to put a crayon into her mouth. Why would she do that.
10:25 Taking a whole hour of trying to put him to sleep, My guess of the time would be 9 30-10 00.
10:31 That doesn't sound sound like a praise to Jesus.
10:58 What a painful fall, and she needs to keep track of her balance there.
11:03 Doesn't she know what to sing? But after she falls, why would the audience applause?
11:15 Of course all airplane or so toys like those not aim straight so it would hit someone like this little girl.
11:19 Why would the boy get upset so he would throw the baseball at his dad's face?
11:55 He fell on his own? Why?
Sins: 55.
Sentence: Still funny because i still like the video. heheheheehhe.

matias angel leon rosinelli says:

6:08 when the dog wake You upp

matias angel leon rosinelli says:

1:0 when You can not say daddy
1:50 when You scared

matias angel leon rosinelli says:

1:50 when You be scared😂

matias angel leon rosinelli says:

1:3 When You dont like barbies

matias angel leon rosinelli says:

1:00 when You cannot say daddy

Nraxin Nanu says:

3:19 was so cute 😍

Yandel Almeida says:

me mata de risa😂😊😄😃😉😚😘😙😎💓💕💖

محمد الرفاعي 2 says:

ضصرىر ىى

محمد الرفاعي 2 says:


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